Pokemon Crystal player’s “Christian rules” playthrough lets him pass Johto as God intended

pokemon christian version

A Pokemon fan has set out on their first adventure in Crystal – but they’re playing by a new set of Christian rules to make the monster collector a more religious experience.

Pokemon games are among the most accessible RPGs to play, but that’s expected, since they are made for children. Defeating eight gym leaders and the Elite Four sounds challenging until you notice the Pegi 7 rating on the box.

This has led older players to invent self-imposed rulesets famously known as Nuzlockes. Some players will go as far as to play modded versions of Pokemon games to actually increase the game’s difficulty.

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However, one player has decided to undertake a holier challenge by playing through Pokemon Crystal as God intended. Introducing, the Pokemon Crystal Christian Rules playthrough.

arceus pokemon legendsArceus is no longer the god of the Pokemon world when using the Christian rules

Pokemon fan uses Christian ruleset

Twitter user CrungleBungles shared an image from their Discord that introduced the ‘Pokemon Christian’ playthrough rules. The image was also accompanied by a thread showing Crungle playing through Pokemon Crystal using the 10 commandments.

The Pokemon Decalogue poked fun at various Christian tropes, such as the religion’s general outlook on gambling, drug use, and evolution. There are also more nuanced rules, like not spamming healing and having to faint all legendary Pokemon.

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Crungle has also included their own rules, including naming each Pokemon and character after Biblical figures. Their rival is Lucifer, their first Pokemon is Adam, and a Shiny Ditto they found was named Moses.

As of writing, Crungle and his six Disciples have beaten the main game and have slain Entei. Some of the rules are pretty easy to adhere to, while others may prove to be choke points for some trainers.

If you want to start your own Christian playthrough, check out CrungleBungle’s Twitter for the full ruleset and to keep up with their spiritual journey.

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