Pokemon cosplayer brings Gym Leader Misty to life in hilarious TikTok

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Pokemon anime Misty next to cosplayer
The Pokemon Company / Instagram: @ansocosplay

Popular Gen I Gym Leader, Misty, comes to life in an epic Pokemon cosplay that’s so good, it’ll leave Water-type fans in awe.

Misty has been one of the most popular characters in the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” series since its TV debut in 1997. Viewers fell head over heels for the main protagonist Ash and his female traveling companion.

Even over two decades later, Pokemon veterans still fawn over the Gym Leader. One such fan, cosplayer Anso ‘ansocosplay’, showed off her love for the Water-type fighter with an amazing cosplay that brings her to life.

Screenshot of Misty in Pokemon Sun & Moon anime.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Gen I Gym Leader still continues to be one of Pokemon’s most popular characters 25 years on.

Pokemon cosplayer’s epic Misty take

The first thing you notice about Anso’s cosplay is the perfect outfit recreation. The shorts and suspender combo look as though they’ve come straight from the anime, especially when paired with the Gym Leader’s orange crop top.

The Danish cosplayer also nailed the hair, using an orange wig styled to mimic Misty’s iconic hairstyle which she showed off in an incredible picture taken by photographer ‘jegerseb‘.

Tying the look together, Anso holds a Togepi plush – which is the character’s signature Pokemon in both the TV show and Gen I video games.

The fan showed off her outfit in more detail in a hilarious TikTok video she posted to her Instagram page.

In the video, captioned “When they tell you Pokemon is only for small kids,” Anso clutches onto Togepi tightly as she runs away from the camera – something pretty much any older player can relate to.

If this epic cosplay has you feeling nostalgic for the original Pokemon series, you can catch The Indigo League arc in its entirety on Netflix right now.

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