Pokemon Company reveals “adorable” Sizzlipede chair

Sizzlipede child chair made by The Pokemon CompanyCellutane

The Pokemon Company has revealed a Japan-exclusive chair based on Sizzlipede, who is among the least cuddly Pokemon in the series but works well as a seat.

Merchandise sales are a big part of the Pokemon empire, resulting in some truly strange items hitting the marketplace. These include the infamous Metapod sleeping bag to Bulbasaur-themed aftershave for the person who wants to go the club smelling like a frog with a plant on its back.

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A surprising number of Pokemon chairs and sofas are on the market, especially in Japan. In the past, The Pokemon Company has released comfy versions of Ditto and Snorlax for people to sit on, for those whose guests don’t mind using a chair with a face on it.

Some Pokemon are well suited for squishy plushies that can be sat on, as they’re big and have a cute design. This hasn’t stopped The Pokemon Company from releasing merchandise of gross or scary Pokemon, which now extends to seats.

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The Sizzlipede Pokemon chair laid out flatCellutane

A Sizzlipede Pokemon chair is now available to purchase in Japan.

The official Pokemon Japan Twitter/X page has announced that a chair based on Sizzlipede is now available, but only in Japan. This seat is made and sold by Cellatune for 14,990 Yen, which is just over $100/£80.

The Sizzlipede chair’s dimensions are 68 x 90 x 91 cm, making it the ideal choice for a child. The segmented body can also be shaped into different forms, including a flat one that can act as a small mattress.

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The massive Sizzlipede fanbase outside of Japan will be disappointed to learn that Cellutane does not deliver internationally. Those who want a flaming bug monster seat for their child might have to rely on a reseller/delivery site, many of which exist in Japan.

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The biggest question Pokemon fans likely have is, why make a chair out of Sizzlipede? It has a creepy design that will likely be unappealing to kids, and it’s not exactly a top-tier popular Pokemon.

The most likely answer comes down to its shape, much like the recent Nacli salt shaker release, as it does have the perfect form for a changeable chair/bed. Then again, what’s wrong Dudunsparce?

It’s a shame the Sizzlipede chair isn’t coming out overseas, as it’s something that fans would like to own. While the angry-eyed bug monster chair might freak kids out, it would be the perfect fit for a Pokemon fan with a dog or a cat and the disposable income to spend on novelty chairs.

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