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Pokemon community heartbroken over Crown Tundra’s “tragic” side story

Published: 4/Nov/2020 21:16

by Brent Koepp


A viral post had the Pokemon Sword & Shield community feeling sad for The Crown Tundra’s new character, Peony, after it was revealed that the Trainer actually has an incredibly tragic story. 

Pokemon Sword & Shield’s second DLC, The Crown Tundra, released on October 22. The major expansion brought a whole host of past gen Legendaries to the Nintendo Switch RPG, and debuted the Dynamax Adventures mode.

The add-on also introduced new characters to the series such as former Galar champion, Peony. However, players were left feeling sad when they discovered the character’s complicated origins. The protagonist’s downcast story will leave you with the sniffles. 

peony laying on the floor in pokemon the crown tundra dlc
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The new Pokemon character can’t seem to catch a break.

Peony’s tragic Pokemon backstory

A post online went viral after a user highlighted how dispiriting they felt Peony’s Crown Tundra story was. The user explained that they felt bad for the character, since the father spent weeks planning a trip to bond with his kid, only for his daughter Peonia to ditch him. 

However, it turns out the character actually has a pretty tragic backstory as well. Replying to the thread, another person pointed out the protagonist’s complicated origins of being the brother of Chairman Rose. “Apparently, he was always compared to his older brother, Rose. Never feeling good enough, he ran away from home,” the Redditor explained.

The player then detailed how Peony actually turned his life around, only to disappear again after being overshadowed by his sibling. “He eventually won the Pokemon League, but his time as Champion was cut short. Shortly after Rose became Chairman, Peony just kinda… disappeared from the league,” they said.

I feel bad for Peony from pokemon

The sad backstory is actually detailed on the character’s Galar League card, which players get after beating The Crown Tundra. As if that wasn’t sad enough, several Redditors pointed out that the Master Ball Peony gives you was likely a gift from Rose.

“Peony was compared to his brilliant older brother since he was born. He eventually ran away from home, only to eventually become champion. But shortly afterward, Rose became League Chairman. This caused Peony to vanish entirely from the League,” the card’s bio reads. 

peony's league card
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Players can learn about Peony’s sad backstory on his League Card.

Fans interested in the character’s backstory can even get a hidden cutscene featuring Chairman Rose’s assistant, Oleana. The hilarious moment further verifies the protagonist’s origins.

While Game Freak mostly plays up Peony’s story with his daughter for comedic purposes, many fans have been left feeling bad for the father. Especially after discovering his difficult past with Galar’s infamous villain. 

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War leaderboard bug completely crashes the game

Published: 17/Nov/2020 16:01

by Jacob Hale


A bug in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is causing the game to crash if players attempt to look at their leaderboards.

For many players, leaderboards are incredibly important: they let you see how you rank against your friends and the wider Call of Duty playerbase, comparing stats and seeing where you excel or where you could improve.

So, if you have attempted to take a look at your own or a friend’s stats in Black Ops Cold War, you’ve likely encountered some bugs, including your game crashing completely.

Here’s what we know so far, and how you can see your stats without leaderboards.

black ops cold war grenade launcher
Black Ops Cold War has already racked up a huge playerbase, as expected — but there are some issues.

Leaderboards crashing Black Ops Cold War

In some cases, players are reporting that the leaderboards are simply showing nothing — no friends or global leaderboards, instead just an empty screen with no data.

Obviously, this is frustrating, but you could expect that before long, it will start to be a populated list that properly follows developments in players’ CoD careers as they play.

However, some players are reporting that the issue is far bigger than simply a leaderboard with no information, and it’s actually causing players’ games to crash when attempting to access them.

Black Ops Cold War leaderboards crash
Leaderboards are causing games to crash.

How to view Black Ops Cold War leaderboards

Of course, there are some solutions for players to take advantage of while waiting for leaderboard issues to subside.

The first is the Call of Duty Companion App, in which you can sign in to your Activision account and track your and your friends’ performances.

Alternatively, you can use Tracker Network, which compiles all of your data across multiple games, including Black Ops Cold War. All you have to do is put in your username or Activision ID and it will return a bunch of stats, sometimes even more in-depth than even those you can get in-game.

So, while leaderboards are off-limits and potentially game-breaking, your best bet is to avoid them and take advantage of one of the available alternatives.