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Pokemon community discovers disturbing easter egg in Vivid Voltage card

Published: 22/Nov/2020 21:19

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon card left the community with chills when fans discovered a creepy detail in the Trading Card Game’s latest expansion, Vivid Voltage. 

The Pokemon TCG originally made its debut in 1999 as a companion to the popular RPGs by Game Freak. Children across the world became obsessed with hunting down and collecting their favorite ‘mons.

In November, fans lost it when they discovered a disturbing detail hidden in the background of a Shedinja card from the Vivid Voltage set. The bizarre artwork will have you looking at the Gen III critter in a completely different light.

Pokemon YouTuber reacts to creepy Pokemon Shedninja card.
Twitch: TAHK0
A Pokemon reacted to the creepy card live on Twitch.

Pokemon community discovers creepy card

The discovery was first made by a viewer of Pokemon content creator TAHK0. While opening a booster pack from the Vivid Voltage expansion in front of his audience on Twitch, LunarLugia of PokeGuardian pointed out that there was a creepy detail on the card.


The personality explained the disturbing easter egg in Tweet that has now gone viral. “So.. it was pointed out to me that there’s something a bit off about the newest shedinja pokemon card. Not only does it have an attack called life squeeze but…there’s actually a dead man in the background,” he said.

In the artwork of the TCG collectible, you can see an adult man laying dead on the floor with crosses over his eyes behind the third generation monster.  Even more unsettling is that its arms are dangling out over the ledge as its lifeless corpse slumps against the wall.


The Pokemon community reacted to the creepy artwork, such as one user who said “Oh wait..that’s creepy.” Another fan jokingly exclaimed, “Wow Shedinja really killed a man, the only bug with a body count.”

This isn’t the first time the Pokemon Trading Card Game has had creepy artwork. LunarLugia posted several other collectibles that also feature disturbing images, such as Chandelure from X & Y Storm Siege set. In the background, you can see a ghost rising up from the smoke.

In all fairness, Shedinja as a concept is pretty bizarre in itself. The ‘mon is the leftover exoskeleton of Nincada after it evolves into Ninjask. Also, according to its Pokedex entry, it steals the souls of those that look at its back. However, its latest card gives new meaning to its “Life Squeeze” move.


Despite the series largely appealing to kids, the Pokemon franchise has featured dark storylines in the past. The Sword & Shield Twilight Wings anime actually went viral after fans discovered a chilling easter egg in Episode 6, “Moonlight.”