Pokemon community goes crazy for incredible Christmas animation

Brent Koepp
Screenshot of Dragonite in Christmas animation by Gio.YouTube: Gio / The Pokemon Company

An artist went viral online after creating a jaw-dropping Christmas video featuring Pokemon. The stunning animation is the perfect way for fans of the Game Freak RPG to celebrate the holidays.

Originally debuting in 1996, the Pokemon franchise has since grown into a cultural phenomena. Players around the world can’t get enough of the RPG’s vibrant cast of monsters and addicting Gotta Catch ‘Em’ All design.

An artist celebrated their love of the series by creating an incredible Christmas animation featuring ‘mon from Dragonite to Pikachu. The festive video short will be sure to get fans of the Nintendo title into the holiday spirit.

Screenshot of Pokemon gathering around Christmas tree in animation short by GIo.YouTube: Gio / The Pokemon Company
The stunning Pokemon Christmas animation short was made by a talented fan.

Pokemon celebrate Christmas in incredible animation

The epic fan creation went viral after originally being posted to the r/Pokemon subreddit on December 15. The festive video opens with a Dragonite wearing a festive hat as a host of ‘mon make their way to a Christmas tree.

Various characters help decorate it, such as a handful of Seedot who adorably hop into the branches to act as ornaments. Roasting food by a cozy fire, a Charmander feeds the whole group as they continue their work.

The holiday animation culminates with a Plusle and Minun coming together to light up the tree. The epic fan creation could easily be mistaken for an official video celebrating this year’s December festivities.

The genius behind the creation is animation artist ‘Gio’, who has created shorts in the past for other holidays. In a comment on their YouTube channel, the creator explained the Christmas video was inspired by a Pokemon Go loading screen.

Fans of the series were blown away by the quality and intricate details present in the fan creation. One user exclaimed, “This isn’t even official? OMG, that was so good.” Another fan replied, “this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

Pokemon fans react to incredible Christmas animation by Gio on Reddit.Reddit
Pokemon fans were impressed!

While the Pokemon Company has not officially released something to celebrate the winter holidays this year, this incredible creation is so good, it will certainly tide fans over.

The popular mobile title Go, which inspired the Christmas animation, is having a December celebration. For everything we know about the event, check out our guide here.