Pokemon Center expands Unova region’s Sitting Cutie Collection — and they’re adorable

Cubchoo PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Center has expanded its Sitting Cutie products into the Unova region, adding 174 available plushes.

Released in 2011, Pokemon Black & White took place in the New York-inspired Unova region. The Generation 5 title introduced 156 new Pokemon to trainers’ Pokedexes. The sheer volume of pocket monsters presented countless opportunities for Unova-themed merchandise.

On April 5, The Pokemon Center confirmed the retailer would add 174 Sitting Cuties to its growing collection. Notable Pokemon include the stuffed versions of Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem, along with Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. The selection of Pokemon also includes Unova’s Mythicals – Keldeo, Meleotta, and Genesect. Here’s how to empty your wallet for them.

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Pokemon JellicentThe Pokemon Company

Collectors can’t wait to get their hands on Unova Pokemon Sitting Cuties

PokemonCenterUS revealed on Twitter that the website had introduced the Unova region to its Sitting Cuties range of products. The attached image features multiple Pokemon from the Black & White games in plush form, including Oshawott, Tympole, and Chandelure.

The Sitting Cuties vary in price and size. However, most of the products cost $14.99 each and are around six inches tall. Those interested in picking up one — or many — can check out the Pokemon Center website. In addition to The Pokemon Center, Amazon offers a few Sitting Cutie choices.

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Pokemon fans reacted to the new merch announcement by pointing out the disappointing $3 increase for Sitting Cuties.

The Pokemon Company has recently gone berserk with all the new adorable products. They collaborated with Squishmallows for the first time in November 2022 to release a Gengar & Pikachu plus, with the aforementioned Squishmallows selling out just one hour after they went live.

Currently, collectors are biting their nails in anticipation of finding a Togepi & Snorlax Squishmallow. The lovable plushes launched at select retailers like Target and Walmart over April Fools’ Day weekend. However, The Pokemon Center UK website received the sought-after Squishmallows on March 20.

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For additional Pokemon merchandise, check out the available Build-a-Bear options and more.

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