Pokemon Center pop-up shop returns to London for International Championships

pokemon center LondonThe Pokemon Company

For the 2023 Pokemon European International Championships, London will host a Pokemon Center pop-up shop starting next week.

London has hosted temporary Pokemon-branded pop-up shops on two separate occasions in the past. The first of such storefronts appeared in 2019 in honor of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Nintendo Switch launch.

A second pop-up briefly resurfaced last August during the 2022 Pokemon World Championships in London. Typically, these temporary storefronts serve as PokeStops, as well as a place for fans to purchase exclusive merchandise.

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Because the stores tend to prove incredibly busy during business hours, customers have found it beneficial to reserve timeslots ahead of time.

Reservations open for Pokemon Center pop-up coming to London

From Friday, April 14 through Sunday, April 16, the ExCeL London convention center will once again host a Pokemon Center pop-up store.

The shop’s return is thanks to the 2023 Pokémon European International Championships, which will take place at the ExCeL London during the same time frame.

Fortunately, the pop-up will be open to the general public. Timeslot reservations have already gone live online, allowing prospective customers to book spots for up to four visitors on a single reservation.

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What specific items the ExCeL London’s Pokemon Center may have in stock has yet to be revealed. Regardless, fans are hoping the exclusive merch won’t sell out in the first few hours on day one like last year’s World Championships pop-up.

Pokemon’s upcoming European International Championships event is scheduled for April 14 through 16 in London.

The event will include sizable Championship Point payouts and prizes worth thousands, spread across Pokemon GO, Pokemon UNITE, TCG, and VGC competitions.

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