Pokemon Center life-size Slowpoke toy released and its bigger than you think

SlowpokeThe Pokemon Company

Have you ever wanted a life-size Slowpoke? Well, Pokemon Center Japan may have just made your dreams come true. 

Slowpoke isn’t exactly known for its size – in fact, the sleep-loving Pokemon only stands at 1.19 m and weighs 36 kg. The Normal-type ‘mon enjoys spending its days lounging around in the sun, sleeping, and occasionally foraging for food. It’s Slowpoke’s relaxed nature that makes this Pokemon the perfect companion for those lazy days spent at home. 

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While the pink Pokemon is certainly no Snorlax when it comes to sheer size, Pokemon Center Japan has rivaled its previous super-sized plushies by releasing a life-size Slowpoke. Finding somewhere to actually put this gigatic Slowpoke plush could prove difficult, but for those with plenty of space, this plush could be a gamechanger. 

How big is Slowpoke?

SlowpokeThe Pokemon Company
You may need to rearrange your room before purchasing this plush.

Slowpoke may not be the biggest Pokemon in the ever-popular series, but this new plush gives other heavyweight Pokemon a run for their money. The life-size plush stands at 1.5 meters long, weighs almost 8kg, and costs a whopping $450. It’s certainly a big investment and one that will also take up a lot of space. 

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The lazy Normal-type may be slow in speed, but Pokemon fans who wish to purchase this peculiar plush will need to act fast. According to the official Pokemon Center Japan website, the stock is limited and once the number of orders have been met, the plush will likely be gone from store shelves for a while. Unfortunately, this gigantic Slowpoke is currently only available at Pokemon Center Japan. 

While there has been no official announcement as to when this colossal plush will make its way to western shores, we could see this item make an appearance in the future. For now, though, those who wish to get their hands on the Slowpoke plush will need to patiently wait for its arrival. 

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