Pokemon celebrates all 1008 monsters with commemorative Pokedex video

A screenshot from the Pokemon 1008 videoThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has released a brand new video celebrating 1008 Pokemon being available following the release of Scarlet & Violet.

It’s now two months since Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were released on Nintendo Switch, with fans around the globe keeping themselves busy trying to catch all of the new creatures available in the Pokedex.

While the addition of new Pokemon is nothing unusual in a mainline game, Scarlet & Violet had the great honor of pushing the list of creatures to over a thousand, including number 1000 itself, Gholdengo.

To celebrate the fact that there are now a whopping 1008 Pokemon out there, The Pokemon Company has shared a cute commemorative video that revisits every single species in the franchise so far.

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You can watch the Pokemon 1008 Encounters video below:

While there’s currently not a single game where all 1008 Pokemon are available (and probably never will be if recent releases are anything to go by), it’s definitely cool to see them all together in one video.

Unfortunately for fans who were expecting some kind of announcement about Scarlet & Violet DLC or a spin-off game in this video, it looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer for that information.

There has been a v1.2 patch announced for Scarlet & Violet, though, which will feature bug fixes and “added functionality” for the game. It’s coming at some point in February 2023.

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