Pokemon card YouTuber speechless after pulling 3 Shiny Charizards in single livestream

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Instagram: @pokichloe

Pokemon card YouTuber PokiChloe had some insane luck during a pack-opening livestream when she pulled not one but three Shiny Charizard VMAX cards from the Shining Fates set.

Released in February 2021, Shining Fates has quickly become one of the most-loved expansions in the Sword & Shield set, namely because of its Shiny Vault subset featuring favorites like Suicune, Toxtricity, and, of course, Charizard.

While some fans can open hundreds of packs and never see a single ‘Zard, YouTuber and long-time Pokemon card collector PokiChloe pulled a whopping THREE of the Shiny VMAX cards during her livestream on February 13, 2022.

pokichloe first shiny charizard pokemon card pull
YouTube: PokiChloe
Chloe regularly opens packs live for viewers, both for herself and for those that pay.

Pokemon YouTuber gets insane Shiny Charizard luck

PokiChloe managed to pull the first rare card within just 40 minutes of her four-hour livestream. “OH. MY. GOD!” she exclaimed as she pulled a Koffing away to reveal the Shiny. “No way, guys! We are 38 minutes into the stream and we have just hit the jackpot!”

She then went on to pull a second just 20 minutes after the first. “You have got to be joking me!” the YouTuber yelled. “…We have just hit our second Charizard in the space of 20 minutes!”

The third and final hit came under an hour later, hidden underneath a regular Snom card. Chloe was rendered speechless for second before saying, “No… No… Three Charizards, three on one stream! Three! What is going on?!”

To put it into perspective, the odds of getting the VMAX chase card are 1/271. So it makes her feat even more impressive when you realize she pulled three in just 150 packs.

PokiChloe didn’t open them for herself – her livestream was a pack-opening broadcast for fans who purchased them through her website, meaning three lucky customers went home with the Shiny ‘Zards.

You can find out more about the Pokemon YouTuber, including when she streams and which sets she’s opening, over on her YouTube channel.

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