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Pokemon card YouTuber scammed out of $10,000 has last laugh years later

Published: 20/Mar/2022 20:00 Updated: 20/Mar/2022 21:31

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Card YouTuber that was scammed out of $10,000 with a fake 1st Edition TCG Base Set box got the last laugh after making all his money back years later. 

Despite being released in 1998, the Pokemon Trading Card Game had a massive explosion in popularity and value in 2020. As a result, the collectibles have attracted devious scammers who will do anything to get in on the market boom.

Popular YouTuber PokeRev found himself in this situation in 2015 when he bought a 1st Edition Base set box for $10,000. The only problem is, the packs were resealed and contained the Spanish version instead. The TCG creator, however, updated fans that he actually beat the scammer in the best way possible in 2022. 


Pokemon Card YouTuber PokeRev next to fake 1998 TCG Base Set booster box screenshot.
YouTube: PokeRev
The Pokemon card YouTuber bought a fake Base Set Box for $10,000 in 2015.

Pokemon card YouTuber gets justice after being scammed out of $10,000

In his March 18 upload, the TCG YouTuber opened up about how the scam in 2015 almost made him quit the hobby. “Seven years ago I was scammed out of $10,000 on a fake 1st edition Base Set booster box of Pokemon cards. At the time it was the biggest item purchase I ever made,” he said.

While the item was technically fake and resealed, the Spanish cards inside were actually real. PokeRev then explained that due to Pokemon cards exploding in value, the 1st Edition international version of the 1998 expansion was actually worth a lot of money now as well.

“You see, seven years ago they were pretty much worthless. But nowadays they are actually pretty valuable,” he said. The YouTuber revealed that he had sent off every single card to the grading service PSA to be rated and they were finally sent back to him a year later.


Incredibly, the entire set ended up being worth $22,410 graded. After subtracting fees, the creator not only recouped his $10,000 but made around a $9,000 profit as well. “Our total is just over $22,410 in value. After we take off fees. it brings the grand total to $19,050. WE BEAT THE SCAMMER!” PokeRev yelled in pure joy.

Although it took him over seven years to eventually get his money back, the rare 1st Edition Pokemon cards could actually continue to go up in value further – which would be the ultimate justice over the scammer.

While the English and Japanese versions sell for the most, the 1998 Base Set has become so scarce that collectors are willing to shell out eye-popping figures even for international editions of the original TCG expansion.