Pokemon card TikToker warns collectors about fake Charizard scam

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Pokemon card TikToker warns collectors about fake Charizard scam
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A Pokemon card TikToker revealed that a fan of theirs had been scammed by a seller on Craigslist and warned others about the sham. The buyer had purchased what they believed to be a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard but all wasn’t what it seemed.

Since the birth of the Pokemon Trading Card Game in 1996, it has had a cult following among collectors who go crazy for the latest cards. 2020 saw a massive resurgence in popularity for the hobby, and in turn, those looking to take advantage of the spike in prices and deceive others.

TikToker ‘pokedon_’ warned users of a popular scam that one of their viewers had actually fallen victim to. The unfortunate fan thought they were getting a steal on a rare Charizard when in reality, they’d shelled out a large chunk of change for a fake card.

Proxy Pokemon card scam is tricking collectors

According to pokedon_ in a video uploaded in mid-March, a fan had contacted them to raise awareness about the scam. “Caught up in the hype, he purchased a 1st Edition Base Set Charizard on Craigslist for $500 that when he got it in hand, became so apparent that this thing was an absolute fake,” they explained.

“The seller had a convincing story,” they continued. “The mom’s son had moved out of the house, didn’t want his cards anymore, and she was selling it to make some extra cash.”

The TikToker then showed the card up close, which had the holo literally printed on with ink instead of being shiny, before peeling away a corner to reveal that it was a sticker on top of a regular, non-holo Pikipek from Sun & Moon.

charizard fake proxy pokemon card
TikTok: pokedon_
The card was a complete fake.

“This is a proxy version of the card, a fake version,” they said. “And some sellers disclose that fact. This one did not, obviously a scammer.”

The sale of proxy cards has become more popular in recent years – especially with vintage cards – due to the rising prices of old sets. For example, a PSA 10 version of a Shadowless 1st Edition Base Set Charizard sold for $336,000 in early March.

Buyers knowingly purchase the inauthentic collectibles to get a taste of what it would be like to own the real thing. In this case, though, the seller deliberately sold it under the guise of being legitimate.

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Pokedon_ ended their video with some solid advice for those looking to buy vintage Pokemon cards. “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is,” they said.

“Buy from trusted sources, either from people you know or marketplaces like eBay with good feedback. And don’t just buy on hype because you’re going to rush decisions and make dumb ones.”

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