Pokemon fan says “check your order” after receiving surprise Special Delivery Charizard card

Pokemon TCH Special Delivery Charizard Free Promo Code ScalperThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon fan shares a surprising warning to others after opening a package from The Pokemon Center store to find a limited edition Special Delivery Charizard TCG Card that wasn’t on the order.

During the summer of 2022, Pokemon TCG fans had the opportunity to enter a drawing for a limited edition TCG promo. If won, a code was sent out that could be redeemed for one Special Delivery Charizard alongside a purchase of $20 or more on The Pokemon Center website.

Unfortunately, many Pokemon card collectors and TCG fans were unable to get the card code, with winners even selling their free Special Delivery Charizard codes for a profit on websites like eBay. As the sweepstakes came to a close, those who missed out accepted missing out on the rare promo and moved on to other exciting things like the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game release.

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However, a Pokemon fan has recently given fans of the TCG new hope regarding the Special Delivery Charizard card with a surprise addition to their Paldean Quaxly t-shirt order from The Pokemon Center store.

Pokemon fan is gifted a free Special Delivery Charizard card

In a recent Twitter post shared by Dungeon_Geek, the fan shares a free surprise worth as much as $40 dollars on websites like TCGPlayer. The post reads, “ATTENTION! Everyone check your recent Pokémon center orders as they come in. I ordered a Quaxly shirt and took out the shirt and ornament and as I was throwing away the box there was something else inside.”

Looking at the receipt that is shown in the image alongside the T-shirt and Special Delivery Charizard card, fans can clearly see that it was not redeemed or a part of the purchase order.

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As of the time of writing, there has been no official announcement from Pokemon or the TCG stating that a new round of giveaways are now happening for the promo card. This could mean the cards left over from the original giveaway are now being tucked into random boxes, or that it potentially made its way into the shipment on accident.

Regardless, any Pokemon fans ordering from the official online store this holiday season will want to check their boxes carefully, as a special present could be hidden between the packing paper or plushes.