Pokemon card collector wants eBay seller banned after u-turning on sale

ebay pokemon cards

A Pokemon card enthusiast is calling for an eBay seller to be banned after they canceled an order for an auction they won, and they’re asking the internet for advice.

Getting into card collecting can be daunting, especially with a franchise as large as Pokemon. What sets should you buy? Which cards can you currently hunt? Where do you go to purchase vintage cards without getting ripped off?

That last question is one that collectors are asking themselves more and more. As Pokemon cards age, their value generally increases, and some may see this as a way to make a quick buck. Over the course of 2020-2021, we saw numerous influencers victimized by fake cards and repackaged boxes.

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But outside of fake or misleading products, buying Pokemon cards from third-party sellers can be volatile. One user on Reddit, worldeaters-org, experienced first-hand one of the ways collecting cards can be frustrating, and is now calling for the seller to be banned from eBay.

pokemon scyther card

Buyer calls for eBay Pokemon Card seller to be banned

Worldeaters posted a series of screenshots to the r/PokemonTCG subreddit on January 9, sharing their anguish for a recent run-in on eBay. “Fairly new to eBay this can’t be cool right?” they stated, “Won this auction, and he canceled because he didn’t get what he wanted.”

The first screenshot shows the notification email from eBay stating the order had been canceled, with the reason being, “I’m out of stock or this item is damaged.” The item being a 1998 Japanese Pokemon Gym 2 Rocket’s Scyther. A card that is valued at around $54 in the condition it was listed.

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Worldeaters then sent the seller a message asking why the order was canceled, only to be told the item was incorrectly listed and would be reposted in a few hours. OP stated he would have paid around $40 after shipping if the sale hadn’t been canceled.

Replies to the post were filled with eBay horror stories like worldeaters, and many recounted a similar interaction of their own. Many called for the seller to be reported, to which the buyer claimed they had been looking into it. One user advised they could report the seller for a false cancellation reason.

Another user claimed to have found the user and reported multiple listings for the same card. And if comments are to be believed, this seems to be a common occurrence on eBay. Hopefully, the platform will step in soon to put a stop to this false hope of winning an auction.

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