Pokemon card collector stunned by massive print error on Crown Zenith Secret Rare

Pokemon Card printing errorBrooke Alexis / The Pokemon Company

One Pokemon card collector was stunned when they pulled a Crown Zenith Secret Rare card, only to find that the Origin Forme Dialga had a huge printing error at the bottom of the card.

Pokemon Card defects are relatively common. After all, with so many cards being printed constantly, a few mishaps are to be expected. Most collectors even look out for such printing errors, with some fetching a high price due to their unique design.

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However, one Pokemon card collector has found a card that takes a subtle misspelling or slight error and raises it with some intense problems at the bottom of the card.

Pokemon card collector shows off huge printing error on Crown Zenith Secret Rare card

Taking to Twitter to share their recent pull, Brooke Alexis showed off her misprinted Origin Forme Dialga VStar.

“wtf is going on at the bottom,” she writes, showing what looks to be two strips of blue bubble-like lines covering the Star Chronos attack and the Pokemon’s weaknesses and resistances.

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The card itself is one of the rarest from the set and is also ranked as one of the best cards of all time on our list. It’s also one of the most expensive cards you can find in the Crown Zenith Secret Rare set, making it extremely useful to have, even if it doesn’t have this misprint.

However, as previously mentioned, cards with certain misprints can sell for a lot more than their original price. While Alexis hasn’t shared any desire to sell in the comments of her Tweet, many avid collectors have already reached out to her to see whether she would sell or get it valued.

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