Pokemon card collector stunned after pulling worst error ever: “It’s decapitated”

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A Pokemon Trading Card Game collector was stunned when they opened up a Shining Fates pack to find their card was butchered by a shocking manufacturing error.

Since the Pokemon TCG launched in 1998, fans have found their fair share of odd misprints when opening up products. In fact, some of these error cards can become highly collectible and valuable due to their scarcity. 

One collector was shocked when they discovered their Shining Fates booster pack contained an item destroyed by a major production mistake. Some players are calling it one of the worst Pokemon card errors ever. 

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Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Pokemon fan’s Shining Fates card had a massive printing error.

TCG fan pulls worst Pokemon card error

There are a variety of production errors that can happen to Pokemon cards and one of the most common is when one is miscut. This is when the card is cut away from its sheet but the machinery misses the outline and chops off too much.

While most frequent examples of this are corners not being rounded, one collector was floored when their entire card was cut in half. “Did I just find one of the most miscut cards ever?” they wrote in a thread on the r/PokemonTCG forum.

The user then uploaded pictures of their Shining Fates Tropius card which shows the entire half of the card missing. Even worse, the edges in the top section are also cut with odd angles. Many reacted to the example in shock due to the severity of the production error.

“Miscut? More like straight-up decapitated,” a player wrote.

Another joked, “I wonder who has the other half?”

Others were critical of the TCG’s quality control. 

Pokemon card

This isn’t the first time Pokemon fans have reported TCG errors recently. In February 2022, there were multiple reports of collectors getting misprints in the Brilliant Stars expansion.

It’s unclear how the user’s Shining Fates Tropius card was cut so badly, though many speculated that the card had accidentally turned sideways during production. Regardless, the player has ended up with a one-of-a-kind item.

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