Pokemon card collector gets luckiest booster box pulls ever

. 10 months ago
Pokemon anime next to Evolving Skies TCG set
The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Trading Card Game’s latest Sword & Shield expansion, Evolving Skies, is now out in stores. One fan scored after getting some of the luckiest TCG booster boxes pulls of all time.

After months of anticipation, Evolving Skies has finally arrived. The Pokemon TCG release is one of the most stacked sets in the hobby’s modern history, featuring Legendary Rayquaza and stunning holos of all eight of Eevee’s evolutions.

One fan opened what is being called two of the “luckiest” booster boxes of all time. The insanely lucky Trainer scored some of the expansion’s best collectibles that are worth thousands all in one go.

Pokemon TCG Evolving Skies promotional art
The Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian
The August Pokemon card set is packed with gorgeous collectibles – and one fan got almost all of them.

Pokemon card collector has luckiest pulls ever

The lucky Pokemon Trading Card Game collector posted their set on the r/PokemonTCG forum and impressed fans with their unbelievable pulls from the Evolving Skies expansion.

“Pulls from 2 Booster Boxes, Insanely Lucky,” collector ‘Queach’ wrote below the picture of their pulls. The fan not only scored the highly coveted Rayquaza and Sylveon alternate arts but also 16 rares as well.

From the gorgeous rainbow VMAX holos to the secret chase cards, the incredibly fortunate Pokemon player obtained almost all of the set’s most desired collectibles. The Hoenn Legendary alone is selling for $600 on eBay ungraded.

Queach explained how they felt after opening the luckiest booster box ever in a separate comment. “Yeah, my first booster box yesterday and this was my second. Still in shock from how good it is. I got 3 alt arts (arguably 2 of the best, got sylveon vmax in the other box).”

As if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough, the Trading Card Game fan further revealed that the bulk of his rare pulls actually came from a SINGLE booster box where he scored “the Rayquaza Vmax alt and 6 secret rares.”

Considering how insane some of these Pokemon cards are selling for on their own, the collector definitely won the TCG lottery and lived out the childhood dreams of many fans who grew up with the franchise since the 90s.
Evolving Skies is the seventh expansion of the Sword & Shield set. While currently sold out, the Pokemon card expansion can be bought on the official Pokemon Center website. Thankfully Nintendo has been re-printing the release to meet the demand – so check back regularly!

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