Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl leaker claims popular post-game features are missing

. 8 months ago
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Team Galactic Cyrus screenshot
ILCA / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will be missing a large chunk of its post-game content, according to a prominent leaker. Popular features such as the Battle Frontier will supposedly be absent from the Sinnoh remakes. 

When Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl were first announced in February 2021, studio ILCA put a heavy emphasis on the 2021 titles being “faithful” adaptations of the original 2006 DS RPGs.

Despite this, fans still held out hope that the project would have a mix of content from the Platinum edition. A new leak on November 8, however, claims that the Gen IV reimaginings will largely be missing post-game content that many players expected.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Dawn trailer screenshot
ILCA / The Pokemon Company
A leaker claims the Sinnoh remakes will be missing post-game content fans want.

Is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl missing features?

With only a few weeks till release, a prominent Pokemon leaker by the name of Nihilego Khu unveiled supposed key details about Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. According to the insider, the games will NOT have the Distortion World or the Battle Frontier.

In a series of tweets, the account responded to a question about the Battle Frontier, stating, “No, the game will only have the Battle Tower.” They then followed up by claiming that there will be a single room in place of Legendary Giratina’s iconic Distortion World dungeon.

“No Distortion World, just a functionally similar, custom-designed, lame, meh, meaningless, plain, zero labyrinthine, but visually stunning teeny-tiny room left for players to catch you know what is inside,” they said.

While this supposed leak may be discouraging to some fans, the insider also claimed that Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s post-game content will include the ability to have rematches with all Gym Leaders who now have fully maxed out EV/IV Pokemon teams.

“Well, in fact, the post-game contents are kinda rich,” they said. “If I recall clearly, there are fully trained EV/IV battles like GL rematch, such kinda things,” they tweeted.


If what they say is true, then it means ILCA was not kidding around when they said the games would be “faithful” to Diamond & Pearl. Many fans, however, had assumed the developer would focus on Platinum, which is often seen as the definitive version of Sinnoh.

While the leaker has a track record of accurately leaking things in the past, take this all with a major grain of salt. The much-anticipated games are out soon, which will officially confirm it. Still, those supposed Gym Leader rematches would ease the sting if BDSP is really missing the popular post-game features.

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