Pokemon have started breeding in front of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players

Zackerie Fairfax
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A glitch in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl exposes players to their beloved team members “doing the deed”. Breeding may be a useful mechanic, but it wasn’t intended like this.

Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in Box 1 – Pokemon do get it on. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since trainers have been encouraging their Pocket Monsters to do this since Gen 2. Some players spend hours, or even days, waiting for their Pokemon to breed the perfect specimen egg. 

However, breeding has always been a “mechanic” that happens behind the closed doors of a nursery. But thanks to a glitch in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes, players are starting to see too much. 

The Diamond and Pearl remakes have been full of nagging issues. Players can obtain unlimited Master Balls, clone any Pokemon, and even make normal Pokemon Shiny, but none of these bugs are as bizarre as watching two Bibarels knock boots.

Diamond and Pearl visible breeding glitch

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Good Rod location.
ILCA / The Pokemon Company
Players obtaining the “Good Rod” in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

This weird glitch was showcased by Swampert_Tube on Twitter. Essentially, whenever they would ask their Pokemon to perform an HM like surf to fly, the animation would show two Pokemon on top of one another.

This glitch didn’t just happen once. Swampert_Tube posted four separate videos in a thread of different positions he found his team members sweeping the chimney.

Breeding has been happening out of sight for 21 years, and after seeing this footage players will probably agree that it should stay that way.

The clip below is the first encounter in this wild series of events. Some of the clips even show Starly and Bibarel going at it, which is even more bizarre because they aren’t in the same egg group.

This whole thing is pretty silly, and yes, it’s just two sprites accidentally appearing on screen at the same time. However, it’s nice to think that even in the heat of a passionate moment, your Pokemon are willing to rush to your side in a time of need.

With all that being said, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are pretty faithful remakes and you’ll likely never encounter this cutscene on your own. But if you want to check out some other glitches, here’s how you can catch Shaymin before its official release.