Pokemon Battle Revolutions player earns world-first Shiny Groudon costume

world first pokemon battle revolution shiny costume

For the first time in 15 years, a player has obtained a full odds Shiny costume in Pokemon Battle Revolutions and it only took them two years to find.

When Shiny Pokemon were introduced in Generation 2, they would impact the franchise significantly. Shiny hunters would form one of the largest groups of the fanbase seeking new and innovative ways to find different colored creatures.

Over the last 26 years, the community has discovered quite a few magnificent hunts. From the complex hunts of Manaphy and Jirachi, to finding Shiny Pokemon in cutscenes of Rumble, there’s no shortage of unique hunts.

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But one hunt had eluded players for the past 15 years. Being teased in official game manuals and with minor proof floating around the internet, hunter Professor Tops would be the first to find and own a Shiny costume in Pokemon Battle Revolution.

professor tops find shiny costume in pokemon battle revolutionProfessor Tops
Professor Tops is the first documented trainer in the world to own a Shiny costume in Pokemon Battle Revolution

Pokemon Battle Revolution Shiny costume found

Professor Tops, one of two streamers on the BrofessorsLab Twitch channel, has been hunting for the Shiny Groudon costume in Pokemon Battle Revolution on and off for two years. Starting the hunt on April 14, 2020, he finally found the costume on May 12, 2022.

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This hunt is very demanding as it takes 12-14 minutes on average per encounter. Luckily, Tops was always hunting on four or eight consoles which sped up the hunt. Even still, the hunter would complete the post-game Magma Colosseum 8,736 times actively hunting the Shiny costume for approximately 300 hours.

“It feels so amazing to know, and have a secret that was put into a pokemon game 15 years ago! I’ve been grinding this as a challenge to show that it’s possible, and now people can see how amazing this obscure pokemon game on the Nintendo Wii really is,” Tops shared with Dexerto.

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He also urges Shiny hunters to give this hunt a try. There are Shiny Pokemon in the game that is “more manageable” to hunt, and there are more Shiny costumes that have yet to be found.

How Professor Tops found the Shiny costume

It’s important to note that Tops wasn’t blindly hunting in hopes the costume existed. In fact, Tops isn’t the first person to encounter the Shiny costume. However, he would be the first person to find and actually own the costume.

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We don’t know the exact odds of finding a Shiny costume, but Professor Tops theorizes that it’s the classic full odds of 8192/1. You can also only obtain a costume once meaning if you claim a non-Shiny costume and then find its shiny variant, you can’t keep it. This is what happened to the previous trainer who found the Shiny Groudon costume.

Professor Tops explains, “Some of the colosseums have leaders with pokemon-themed costumes, which can be shiny. The costume is unlocked by beating the entire colosseum and the leader wearing the costume.”

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So, each encounter requires players to beat the entire colosseum up until the final battle. If the final trainer doesn’t have a Shiny costume, then you need to reset and beat the colosseum over again.

Tops also discovered, that by using what the game calls a “Perfect Point”, you can re-roll the shininess of the costume to get multiple encounters per colosseum run. In a recent stream, Tops noted that this newfound discovery might motivate him to hunt for all of the shiny costumes.

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