Pokemon artist blows minds with insane theory about Brock’s Gym

Published: 16/Feb/2021 23:05

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon community was left stunned after an artist’s mind-blowing recreation of Brock’s Gym from Red & Blue gave them a new theory and perspective on the Gen I location.

Despite releasing two decades ago, Pokemon fans still obsess over Red & Blue for the Game Boy. Kanto is one of the most beloved regions in the Game Freak franchise, even eight generations later.

A talented artist blew fans’ minds after giving them new look at Pewter City Gym. The incredible perspective has players seeing the iconic location in a whole new light.

Screenshot of Pewter City Gym in Pokemon Red & Blue.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A viral post gave fans a new look at Pewter City Gym.

Mind-blowing new look at Brock’s Pokemon Gym

Pokemon fan and digital designer Matthieu Normand went viral on the r/Pokemon subreddit after sharing their amazing reimagining of the Rock-type Gym in Pewter City.

“Did you think he was alone? (This time there is a real twist),” the artist wrote as a caption for the concept. The clip shows the camera panning across the familiar 8-bit location before warping into a side 3D view.

In an epic surprise, the concept shows that the wall behind Brock is actually his Onix. The line of boulders curl up around the Trainer, revealing the towering Gen I Pokemon.

[OC] Did you think he was alone? (This time there is a real twist) from pokemon

The artist’s creative take on the Gen I location blew the community’s minds. “This is one of the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” a fan wrote. Another player replied, “This surprise hit my guts with joy and amazement. My internal kid would love to see something that in a movie.” Someone else said, “Omg I can never unsee this now. Wish we get a game in the future where a concept like this is used.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to insane Brock Gym art.

This isn’t the first time Normand has given fans a new look on a signature Pokemon location. A few weeks earlier, the digital designer also gave Professor Oak’s lab a similar treatment.


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While the artist’s take on Pewter City Gym is not officially canon, their creative theory on what the wall behind Brock could actually be wowed many fans.

Given that the anime and films have often depicted battle locations with a lot of depth, it’s cool to see how the Red & Blue could have been designed if it hadn’t had limitations.

Call of Duty

How to unlock FARA 83 (Galil) in Warzone & Cold War Season 2

Published: 25/Feb/2021 3:11

by Brad Norton


Season 2 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War introduced the FARA 83 Assault Rifle to the mix. Here’s everything you need to know to grab this devastating weapon for yourself.

With the arrival of Season 2 in BOCW and Warzone comes an assortment of new content. From fresh Operators to new modes and maps, there’s a ton to sink your teeth into. Chief among the new additions is a powerful Assault Rifle.

The FARA 83 marks the seventh Assault Rifle in Treyarch’s latest release. While it is a force to be reckoned with in multiplayer, it’s also usable in Warzone thanks to the recent integration.

Whether you’re exclusive to the battle royale or a multiplayer grinder in BOCW, unlocking this new gun couldn’t be simpler. Here’s what you need to know.

How to unlock the FARA 83 in Season 2

FARA 83 gameplay in Black Ops Cold War
The FARA 83 Assault Rifle packs a punch in BOCW & Warzone Season 2.

Given it’s the newest addition to BOCW and Warzone, everyone will be wanting to get their hands on the Assault Rifle as soon as possible. Thankfully, you’ll be able to grab it without much of a hassle.

The FARA 83 is unlocked at Tier 15 of the Season 2 Battle Pass. Regardless of what you’re playing, you’ll be earning progress on the overlapping Battle Pass. Just 15 Tiers of progress and this new weapon is all yours.

As a result, XP gains are vital if you’re trying to secure the gun early. The more you play, the quicker you’ll be able to grab it, however, there is another option.

Fastest way of unlocking new FARA 82 in Season 2

Black Ops gunsmith
Rather than a specific challenge, the FARA 83 is unlocked through the Season 2 Battle Pass.

As with all previous Battle Passes in Call of Duty, Season 2 allows you to buy your way through it. While you can grind and earn each Tier, there is a paid alternative to quickly rush through.

Purchasing the Battle Pass Bundle at 2,400 CP instantly unlocks the first 20 Tiers as usual. Therefore, the FARA 83 can be yours instantly, without even having to play a single match.

Once the new Assault Rifle is in your possession, you’ll still have to level it up all the same. There’s no buying your way through weapon progression for now. 

Be on the lookout for the FARA 83 across both Warzone and BOCW; it’s sure to be a popular pick as everyone gets their hands on the new gun.