Pokémon anime YouTubers plagued by copyright claims from ShoPro

Pokemon Anime copyright strike claimsThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon anime YouTube fan channels claim multiple copyright strikes are appearing on their accounts from ShoPro, the producers of the animated TV show.

The discourse around the franchise is a normal and essential part of the Pokemon fandom. From Twitter accounts breaking down new TCG elements to the summarization of Pokemon anime episodes, trainers worldwide often share conversations about aspects of the content that matter to them.

A popular way to vocalize these thoughts is through YouTube channels. Players can turn to prominent gamers like AustinJohnPlays for video game tips, or listen to popular fan accounts that spend time breaking down lore or content from new episodes in the series.

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However, creators behind these discussion accounts have recently taken to Twitter, sharing alarming news that ShoPro, the producer of the anime, has been hitting the accounts with copyright strikes. This has led to a mass takedown of fan content, as well as backlash in the Pokemon community.

Pokemon anime YouTubers speak out against ShoPro

As explained in a Twitter post by Pokeferlax, YouTubers using still images from the Pokemon anime have found themselves hit with a sudden barrage of copyright strikes. This has resulted in the removal of their content from the platform.

In the replies of Pokeferlax’s tweet, the TeamYouTube channel has responded, stating, “Hey, we’re taking a closer look at this & will update you as soon as we can.”

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Despite this, Pokeferlax‘s channel is now empty of all content, with additional updates on their Twitter expressing despair following all their content being removed.

Additionally, Twitter and YouTuber user, CoreySpikeChase, has made a video in response to the copyright strikes against Pokemon Anime accounts, stating, “ShoPro, YOU Are Hurting Your Fans & Community! STOP THIS NOW!”

Fans in the comments are outraged, encouraging those affected to attempt contacting ShoPro for an explanation. The accounts experiencing strikes repeatedly state that they are not in violation of YouTube’s Fair Use requirements, but three strikes result in the complete removal of the offending account. Because of this, many content creators are at risk of losing years worth of work.

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At this time, it isn’t clear what the resolution will be, or what YouTube will do to assist those affected by the strikes. This article will continue to update as more information becomes available.