Pokemon anime The Arceus Chronicles dub releases for iTunes, Google Play & Amazon

Pokemon The Arceus Chronicles English DubThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon anime fans can finally watch The Arceus Chronicles via multiple services following its English dub release. The story follows Ash and Goh in the Sinnoh region.

Pokemon anime fans have had a turbulent start to 2023, saying goodbye to iconic protagonist Ash Ketchum, his partner Pikachu, and all the friends they made during their twenty-five-year journey through different regions. While the series has wrapped in Japan, there are still many episodes and specials that have yet to receive an English dub.

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However, fans of the Netflix series Pokemon Journeys are in for a treat, as the animated special “The Arceus Chronicles” has finally been released in English for the US, Canada, and Australia.

Originally airing in Japan as a four-part special, the unique adventure sees Ash, Goh, and Dawn wrapped up in a strange occurrence in the Sinnoh region. The special was a way to include plot for the video game Pokemon Legends: Arceus in the anime after its release early in 2022.

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How to watch Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicles

According to a Twitter post shared by The Pokemon Company‘s official account, Pokemon anime fans in the US, Canada, and Australia can rent or buy the special on iTunes and Google Play. US fans can also find it on Amazon.

While this Pokemon anime special may be one of the last for Ash Ketchum and his partners, there are still plenty of exciting Pokemon anime adventures planned for the future. Fans will soon be able to watch the Scarlet & Violet episodes, which will feature a new cast of characters exploring the Paldea region.

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While it definitely won’t be the same nostalgic journey many Pokemon anime fans are used to, those missing Ash can always go back and rewatch his iconic journeys, and enjoy specials like The Arceus Chronicles whenever they need a boost from the original Pallet Town Champion.

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