Scripts for two ‘lost’ Pokemon anime episodes surface 12 years after cancellation

The Pokemon Company

The scripts of two unaired Pokemon the Series: Black & White anime episodes have emerged online.

The scripts for two seemingly lost Pokemon episodes surfaced online following a fundraiser to retrieve them. The two-part arc featured Team Rocket’s showdown against Team Plasma – the villains from Pokemon Black and White.

Over 12 years have passed since Pokemon canceled the premiere of Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma Part 1 and 2. Now, thanks to the gracious script owner, anime fans can discover what the lost Pokemon episodes entailed.

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Unaired Pokemon episodes show Team Rocket facing Team Plasma

pokemon team rocketThe Pokemon Company

On Twitter, Akilvers announced that the original owner had given the Pokemon scripts for free. Therefore, everyone who donated to the project would receive refunds. In the tweet thread, Akilvers provided the rough English translation of the scripts. Additionally, the user also shared the trailer for the two episodes.

“This contribution to the history of the Pokemon anime is truly invaluable,” the Twitter user wrote. “Huge thank you to everyone who believed in it and supported it!”

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As for why the formerly lost episodes never made it to television, Japan postponed their premiere following the 2011 earthquake. The devastating event was the highest-ever recorded earthquake in Japan and subsequently caused a tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma Part 1 and 2 included a Meteorite erupting energy blasts throughout a city. Consequently, Pokemon decided to pull the episodes in fear of their similarity to the real-life Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident.

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Besides the unaired segment, Team Rocket had their send-off in episode nine of Aim to be a Pokemon Master. However, some fans believe the villainous group may return sometime after two decades of getting in trouble. Would it really be Pokemon without Team Rocket closely trailing behind a protagonist?

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