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Outraged Pokemon Go fans launch petition over Gym and PokeStop changes

Published: 23/Jun/2021 10:52

by James Busby


Niantic recently outlined how Pokemon Go will be removing the increased interaction distance from PokeStops and Gyms – a move that has angered a lot of players. 

Unlike other mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Go has always rewarded those that leave their home environment and explore the real world.

With large gatherings greatly reduced over the past year, Niantic responded by enabling trainers to reap the benefits from their own homes. It was a change that has been well received, with many players praising the developers for it.

However, Niantic announced in a recent blog post that they’ll now be removing some of the bonuses added in the last year. One of these features impacted the way trainers interacted with PokeStops and Gyms.


The upcoming removal of the increased interaction distance has led to a lot of anger in the community, with many fans now signing a petition for Niantic to revert the upcoming changes. 

Pokemon Go Gym

As of writing, the petition has 50,000 signatures and this figure is rapidly growing as more trainers voice their distaste for the changes. “[Niantic] had previously said this change would be permanent, but have gone back on their word,” says petition creator, Sword Slash.

“Let them know that increased interaction distance was one of the best changes they have ever made, making the game safer to play and more accessible for all.”


For many Pokemon Go fans, the increased interaction distance actually made playing the mobile title safer. 

Pokemon Go
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
It’s hoped the petition will force Niantic to revert the changes.

“I like not having to cross a busy street to spin a stop. I’m not sure how I would get to 2 or 3 stops without trespassing,” says 2lurky4you. The increased interaction distances helped alleviate many of the problems that come from trekking to distant PokeStops, which is obviously a bigger problem for those in more rural areas. 

“Horrible idea. Made play so much better in so many areas and doesn’t stop people from accomplishing the goals they stated,” says Ohiostatehack. “Definitely caused fewer cars driving onto the grass at parks around my area. The people who won’t get out of their cars never would before.”


Whether Niantic will revert the upcoming changes remains to be seen, but for now, trainers are hoping the petition will help parry the decision.