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Niantic finally addresses ongoing issues with GO Battle League

Published: 28/Aug/2020 17:53 Updated: 29/Aug/2020 9:47

by Paul Cot


Anyone who has played Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League for more than just a few games may have noticed some issues. However, Niantic have finally addressed them.

The initial arrival of GO Battle League was rightfully celebrated by Pokemon Go players. It finally gave trainers an avenue to battle against each other with a competitive backdrop.

However, the mode has been plagued by issues since its launch. Lag and connection problems have been the primary problems.

There has also been exploits found in the game, which even forced Niantic to close GO Battle League down for a couple of weeks. Thankfully, that particular issue has been reportedly fixed, though.


GO Battle League Issues
Hopefully Niantic will start getting to grips with some of the GO Battle League issues…

Niantic finally make a statement

These issues have been discussed in the Pokemon Go community at length. Now though, Niantic have addressed them head-on.

In a letter to the GO Battle League community, Niantic said: “We wanted to share an update with you about several issues affecting the GO Battle League. We have been closely monitoring the state of the GO Battle League as well as your feedback on a daily basis, and we’re sharing these details in pursuit of improved transparency.”

They went on to say the two areas of concern they’d most like to address are the number of bugs and known issues. Niantic explained that due to the complicated system GO Battle League runs on, fixing one bug can cause others to materialize.


This is obviously difficult to resolve but Niantic have declared they will be hiring more testers and putting in automated testing in an effort to reduce these instances.

Additionally, Niantic intends to make a “Known Issues” page, which as the name suggests will list common or high-impact problems. This page won’t list everything however, just ones that are most pressing.

They concluded the letter by saying: “We are dedicated to continuously improving the Pokémon GO gameplay experience and will do so by making changes to our internal processes (such as testing) and communication (such as the Known Issues page).” This is great news for GO Battle League enthusiasts as the dream of a flawless environment to do battle is still a possibility yet.