Niantic apologizes for unfinished Regidrago Elite Raids, offers time extension

pokemon go regidrago headerNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Niantic has issued an apology to players affected by a myriad of issues surrounding Regidrago’s Elite Raids in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go’s Elite Raids have not received the warmest reception from the community thanks to game-breaking bugs and frustratingly high difficulty.

As such, trainers were already wary of Regidrago’s upcoming Elite Raid. Unfortunately, as many fans feared, the event was plagued with strange issues all the way up to its launch.

Now, Niantic has apologized for the problems players experienced at the start of the event and has offered a one-day extension to those players that were prevented from joining the raid.

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Niantic apologizes after Regidrago Elite Raids plagued by issues

The Niantic Support Twitter account apologized on March 10, 2023, saying, “We have resolved an issue preventing Trainers from joining Elite Raids. By way of apology, we have added an additional day of Elite Raids on March 12 local time for Trainers in the GMT +13 timezone. Thanks for your understanding.”

At the time of writing, it seems only players in the timezone listed above will receive the time extension despite the fact that players elsewhere have also encountered some strange issues with these Elite Raids.

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The PokeMiners Twitter account documented a list of problems surrounding Regidrago’s event in the leadup to its launch.

Perhaps the strangest problem with the event is that it wasn’t even finished before it went live, according to the Pokemon Go leakers. “They never finished making the Regidrago before it went live which is why it had circle and model issues. Those should now be fixed.”

Missing settings at the launch included camera and collision settings, proper model and scaling for Regidrago, and PVP camera settings.

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PokeMiners also noted that an hour before the event went live, Niantic apparently updated Hoopa’s assets instead of Regidrago’s. Additionally, Elite Raids were briefly not joinable altogether, despawned altogether shortly after, and strange issues with the Primal Raid music occurred.

Trainers on social media have shared their experiences with the Regidrago Elite Raids and many have claimed they experienced many of the problems listed by PokeMiners as well. Only time will tell how or if Niantic will compensate other affected players.

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