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New “Pokémon” spotted in upcoming TCG and fans immediately adore it

Published: 8/May/2022 21:24

by Zackerie Fairfax


 The Pokemon Company revealed some of the cards in the upcoming TCG set, and one contains what looks like a “new Pokemon” that fans are in love with already.

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet being just a few months away, fans of the series are itching to see what they have in store. We’ve already seen leaks claiming to be new Pokemon that were met with a mixed reception.

We likely won’t see many of the new Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet until much closer to the release. With the exception of Meltan and Melmetal, new Pokemon are introduced along with each new generation.


However, The Pokemon Company just released the artwork for some of the cards coming to the TCG later this year. One of the cards seemingly depicts a new creature that fans immediately adore, but is it real?

new spiritomb card tcg pokemon
The Pokemon Company
The new Spiritomb card in an upcoming TCG set has a wisp that looks like a new Pokemon

Spiritiny, the accidental Pokemon

Some of the new Character Rare cards in the upcoming set depict Pokemon as they are in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The one that has caught everyone’s eye is Spiritomb which has a couple of wisps floating away from its body.

One of the wisps is placed behind two Dark Energy orbs that look like two big googly eyes. Of course, this was not intended to look like a new Pokemon, but fans desperately wish it was.


In replies to a tweet made by Serebii’s Joe Merrick, fans expressed their adoration for the accidental Pokemon. Several screenshots of that portion of the card were posted, and the community even agreed on a name: Spiritiny.

This spawned fan art and fake Pokedex entries claiming that Spiritiny was the baby form of Spiritomb. And just like in Legends Arceus, if enough Spiritiny are collected they can evolve into their mythic predecessor.

It’s highly likely that this is just an oversight in the card’s design and Spiritiny will join the ever-growing pool of Fakemon. But it’s also not too farfetched to think of the wisps that make up Spiritomb as their Pokemon.