Where to find Xerneas in New Pokemon Snap & get a 4-star rating

xerneas in new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)

X & Y Legendary beast, Xerneas, is in New Pokemon Snap, and its location is really easy to find. Its 4-star pose, however, is something that requires a bit more work to unlock.

Xerneas is one of the mascots of Generation VI, representing the Kalos region with all its majestic glory. And in New Pokemon Snap, it looks just as mighty as it did back in 2013 on the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s definitely an encounter shutterbugs won’t want to miss, especially since it has the most epic 4-star animation out of all the Legendary ‘mon in the game. Here’s how to find it and get that coveted snapshot. *Note: This guide contains spoilers for the main story*

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xerneas in new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
Xerneas is one of 10 Legendaries in New Pokemon Snap.

Xerneas’ location in New Pokemon Snap

Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot (all levels)

  • Step One: Play through the main story campaign until you reach the last location of the game: the Ruins of Remembrance.
  • Step Two: You’ll see a floating sphere soaring throughout the course. Hit the ball with an Illumina Orb and it will transform into Xerneas.
  • Step Three: You can stop here, but if you want the high photo rating, travel through the ruins until you reach a room with a small pond and a mural on the wall. Hit the sphere again with another Orb when it’s flying around the water.
  • Step Four: The Fairy-type will start walking towards the mural; throw an Orb at it. Hit the two Houndoom sleeping by the nearby pillars with Fluffruit to wake them up, and then press Scan repeatedly to make them angry.
  • Step Five: This will cause the Legendary to use its signature move Geomancy. Wait until it rears up on its hind legs for the perfect 4-star rating.
xerneas in new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
Wait until it’s on its hind legs.

Unlike other rare monsters in the game such as Ho-Oh and Lugia, Xerneas is easy to find since it’s tied to the main story. And if you follow the steps above, you’ll have its coveted 4-star rating in no time at all.

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