New Pokemon Snap “Proud Warrior” request broken by day-one patch

new pokemon snap proud warriorThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)

A request in Shiver Snowfield has been stumping New Pokemon Snap players since release – and it turns out that the day-one Nintendo Switch patch actually broke the side quest.

If you visit New Pokemon Snap forums on sites like Reddit and GameFAQs, you’ll notice players tearing their hair out over the “Proud Warrior” request, with some spending hours trying to work out how to complete it to no avail.

It actually turns out that the day-one patch, update v1.1.0, plays a huge role in this as it stops the most important part of the quest from happening at all, meaning it can’t be completed.

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New Pokemon Snap request glitch

Rumors of the glitch began to swirl after Japanese player ‘pokemon_game8’ revealed how they’d actually managed to complete the side quest on the original version of the game (hat tip to Joe Merrick from Serebii for this). We can confirm this is true – it does in fact work on v1.0.0.

In order to complete it, fans are supposed to go to Shiver Snowfield at night (Research Level 2), follow the Furret being chased by Mightyena until it hides in a hole, then throw Fluffruit at it until it comes out and is attacked by a Braviary who then eats the fruit. Taking the photo of the bird munching on it is what finishes the request.

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But in the latest v1.1.0 update, Furret stays in the hole despite how much fruit you throw, meaning it doesn’t trigger the interaction with Braviary and therefore makes the mission impossible to complete. See our video below.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually uninstall v1.1.0 without deleting New Pokemon Snap altogether and re-downloading it or re-inserting your game card, but even then you wouldn’t be able to play it without installing the patch anyway as Nintendo requires it.
So for now, players wanting to complete the side quest are going to need to hang tight until another update that fixes the issue is released – hopefully we’re not waiting too long!