All Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap & where to find them

legendary pokemon in new pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco

New Pokemon Snap is bursting at the seams with photography potential with over 200 ‘mon to discover and snapshot. And if that wasn’t already exciting enough, some of them are Legendary.

After 22 years and a lot of pleading from fans of the N64 game, the next installment in the Snap series is finally here. Not only does it bring a whole host of new features, it also adds onto the original roster of 63 ‘mon by an incredible amount.

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In the Nintendo 64 classic, Mew was the final reward for beating all of the courses, and Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno were also in the game. New Snap also has Legendary Pokemon – and it’s more than you may think!

mew in Pokemon snapNintendo / HAL Laboratories
Mew was in the original Pokemon Snap.

Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap

With so many new additions to the photography title, you’d have to imagine it’d have at least one Legendary, right? Good news – there are actually 10.

Name & Photodex # Pokemon Location
#060: Mew Mew new pokemon snap Founja Jungle
#182: Suicune Suicune new pokemon snap Shiver Snowfield
#121: Lugia new pokemon snap Lental Seafloor
#153: Ho-Oh Ho-Oh new pokemon snap Fireflow Volcano
#078: Celebi Elsewhere Forest
#213: Jirachi Jirachi new pokemon snap Ruins of Remembrance
#107: Manaphy Manaphy new pokemon snap Maricopia Reef
#027: Shaymin Florio Nature Park
#214: Xerneas Xerneas Ruins of Remembrance Illumina Spot
#199: Diancie Diancie Outaway Cave

During the Pokemon Presents presentation in February, Mythical Psychic/Grass dual-type, Celebi, was revealed to be in the game. In the trailer, the rare ‘mon flew into shot and soared around the screen for a split second before pausing, giving Trainers a quick glimpse at it.

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Celebi in new Pokemon snapThe Pokemon Company / Bandai Namco
Celebi is one of the Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap.

In early April, a lengthy gameplay trailer was released on the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel, showing a deep dive into the Lental region’s features and monsters. 

Right at the end, the video showed off an underwater landscape, and who just happens to swim on by? Only the insanely majestic Psychic/Flying beast, Lugia.


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H/T: Serebii

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