How to find Ho-Oh in New Pokemon Snap: feather locations & 4-star rating

Legendary Ho-Oh flying in New Pokemon SnapGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

New Pokemon Snap has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, and there are 10 Legendaries for Trainers to discover throughout the Lental region. Here is where to find Gen II Legendary Ho-Oh in the Fireflow Volcano. 

After decades of waiting, fans of the N64 classic have been rewarded with the release of New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch. The epic photography title whisks players away to the new Lental region to study the Illumina phenomena.

The long-awaited sequel not only includes 214 Pokemon for Trainers to take pictures of, but there are also Legendary ‘mon hidden throughout the game. Here is the quickest way to locate and photograph Gold & Silver’s Ho-Oh.

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Fireflow Volcano in New Pokemon SnapGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Ho-Oh can be found in the scorching Fireflow Volcano.

Ho-Oh’s location in New Pokemon Snap

Fans of the majestic Johto bird will have to wait quite a bit as Legendary Pokemon actually don’t spawn until you beat the main campaign. After finishing the story, the Gen II creature can be found on Voluca Island.

More specifically, the popular Fire-type shows up while traversing Level 3 of the Fireflow Volcano. While not as hard to discover as others such as Suicune, it requires a few steps to score that incredible 4-star rating shot.

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Below we will detail an easy to follow step-by-step guide which will have you tracking-down Ho-Oh in no time at all. Here is the quickest way to find the Gold & Silver Legendary bird.

How to find Ho-Oh in New Pokemon Snap

  • Step 1: At the very beginning of starting Level 3, immediately turn to your right. You will see a gap between the mountains where Ho-Oh will appear. Yep, you can actually photograph the ‘mon almost instantly. However, if you want to get a 3 or 4-star shot, you will need to take its picture and then press on. If the ‘mon doesn’t appear, simply restart the level as it can sometimes be random.
Hoh-Oh flying in New Pokemon SnapGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Gen II Legendary can actually be found at the start of the level.
  • Step 2: Eventually, you will find yourself inside of a cave. Scan and activate the alternate route that is above the sleeping Shinx to go right. A little after passing the Electric-type, players will enter a cavern. Immediately swing your camera left where you will see one of Ho-Oh’s feathers on the wall. Throw an Orb at the feather to make it light up and take a picture of it.
Ho-Oh's feather in New Pokemon SnapGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The first Ho-Oh feather can be found in a cavern next to a sleeping Shinx.
  • Step 3: Almost seconds after photographing the first feather, you will exit the cavern to see a sleeping Torkoal on the right side. The Fire-type turtle may be hard to spot as only its head can be seen sticking out from the shadows. Toss an Orb at the creature and it will stand up and walk off, revealing the second feather.
Torkoal blocking Ho-Oh feather in New Pokemon SnapGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Torkoal is blocking the second Ho-Oh feather and can be found after throwing an Orb at it.
  • Step 4: Immediately after taking a picture of the feather behind the Torkoal, swivel your camera to the left. Another one of Ho-Oh’s feathers can be found in the middle of the blue lava waterfall. It’s hard not to miss as a Flareon is standing to the right of it.
Charmander and Flareon next to Ho-Oh feather in New Pokemon SnapGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Ho-Oh’s final feather can be found between a blue lava waterfall.
  • Step 5: After photographing the final feather, players will exit the room. As you leave the area tilt your camera up where Ho-Oh will drop down directly above you. Throw an Illumina Orb at it for the perfect 4-star shot.
Legendary Ho-Oh 4 star photo in New Pokemon SnapGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Gen II Legendary bird has never looked this good.

If you photograph Ho-Oh at the start of Level 3 and don’t see any of its feathers later in the level, complete the course at least once. Now reload the map and the special items should fall from the bird.

Now that you’ve snapped the Gold & Silver creature, there are nine other Legendaries to track down. Make sure to head over to our Twitter @PokemonSwordNS and share your best pictures with us.

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