New Pokemon Legends Arceus “leak” claims game will have Forces of Nature Legendary

Brent Koepp
Forces of Nature trio Pokemon in front of Pokemon Legends Arceus posterGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends Arceus may have a new Forces of Nature Legendary, according to a new rumor. The new Genie ‘mon was teased by a leaker with a good track record.

First introduced in 2010’s Pokemon Black & White, the Forces of Nature trio are a powerful group of Legendaries that represent various weather elements.

The Gen V Genie line may make its return in Pokemon Legends Arceus if a new rumor is to be believed. According to a leak for the 2022 title, Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus may get a new member into their ranks.

the forces of nature in pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company
The Forces of Nature could get a new Legendary in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Forces of Nature Legendary leaked?

In October, prominent leaker ‘Chinese Riddler‘ released a collage of images that reportedly revealed every new Pokemon in Legends Arceus. A section of the image would later be proven right as it revealed Hisuian Zorua and Hisiuan Zoroark weeks before they were announced.

Ever since, the Pokemon community has joined together to try to figure out the rest of the cryptic tease. On November 6 however, a user on the r/PokeLeaks forum claimed they might have cracked one of the Riddler’s images that involved two heart clouds in the sky. “According to Khu, this is a Pokemon that will pop up in Legends postgame and it’s believed it’s either a Legendary or Mythical Pokemon due to this,” they said.

The fan then explained that clouds could be a reference to the Genie Pokemon trio Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus. “I have found a group of Legendary Pokemon whose names match the clouds,” they wrote. “That being The Forces of Nature. In Chinese, each of their names can be read Ground Cloud, Thunder Cloud, and Hurricane Cloud. What if this Pokemon is a Fairy-type Genie?”

Where it gets even more interesting is another user pointed out that there had been a rumor in the Chinese Pokemon community since September that had actually hinted at this.

“Fairy type Genie has been known for a while so probably,” they said. “It’ss kind of unknown if you aren’t following the Chinese leaks. It’s allegedly a Therian form is going to resemble a turtle in design, apparently.”

Responding to this, a second comment elaborated that it connects back to the Forces of Nature trio’s ties to Chinese mythology. “Possibly because of the Four Beasts of the cardinal direction from chinese myth. They are the White Tiger of the West, Azure Dragon of the East, Vermillion Bird of the South, and Black Turtle of the North.”

Pokemon Legends Arceus Forces of Nature leak discussed on Reddit

It should go without saying to take this all with a major grain of salt. The theory is incredibly interesting, however, as it seems to line up with many of the Chinese Riddler’s comments about the image.

Given the leaker’s proven track record so far, it is possible we could get a post-game Legendary. With several Unova Pokemon having already been announced for Legends Arceus, a new Forces of Nature Genie isn’t out of the cards.