New Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay shows how wild Pokemon work & it’s terrifying

Brent Koepp. Last updated: Dec 10, 2021
Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay footage alpha pokemon
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

Nintendo has finally released new Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay footage and the 2022 Game Freak title actually looks terrifying. 

Despite being announced back in February 2021, there is still a lot we don’t know about Pokemon Legends Arceus. Even a month from release, most of the footage has been recycled from trailer montages.

In December, however, Nintendo secretly dropped new extended gameplay on their Japanese channel. The quietly-released video gives fans a look into just how hectic and scary the Hisui wilds are going to be.

Pokemon Legends Arceus catching gameplay screenshot
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Catching Pokemon is hectic in new Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay footage.

Pokemon Legends Arceus new gameplay released

On December 9, 2021, Nintendo Japan hosted a special Mario event on their YouTube channel. Buried in the middle of the presentation was Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay that’s never been seen before.

In the new footage, we get our first look at the protagonist exploring the Hisui region map. Unlike previous titles, Pokemon are not able to be approached simply and are actually kind of terrifying.

The clip shows the usually adorable Shinx immediately turning aggressive. After the Electric-type spots the player, it is able to interrupt the user throwing a Poke Ball by tackling them.

(New footage starts at 6:06)

As if that wasn’t scary enough, the video also shows a Geodude immediately rolling into a ball and lunging at the player walking past it. In Legends Arceus, it appears that wild Pokemon will try to attack you if you encroach on its territory.

Speaking of challenges, just throwing a Poke Ball will no longer be enough to catch ‘mon. The new gameplay also shows the protagonist trying to obtain Starly’s evolution Staravia, but due to it being a flying creature the user struggles to land its shot.

While the new footage doesn’t show much more, it has given us our first look at actual gameplay in motion. Based on the video, it seems that Pokemon Legends Arceus will be the challenging title that will keep fans on their toes.