New Pokemon Legends Arceus footage confirms catch XP

Pokemon Legends Arceus Catching Pokemon cutsceneGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

New Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay confirms that players will get some form of experience points when catching wild Pokemon.

With only a few months from release, Pokemon Legends Arceus still has a lot of mystery surrounding it. While technically a Sinnoh origin story, the project will feature drastic changes from the beloved series.

One mechanic that appears to be set to return is how players earn XP. New gameplay footage released by Nintendo seems to confirm that Trainers can earn experience points while completing their Dex.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus screenshot of Dawn catching StarlyGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Players will be able to earn XP catching wild Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus will have catch XP

Despite going months without new footage, Nintendo dropped never-before seen Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay during a Japanese presentation on December 9, 2021.

Although the clip largely shows gameplay of players interacting with wild Pokemon on the map, eagle-eyed fans spotted that an XP notifcation can be briefly seen.

In the video demonstration, the protagonist throws a Poke Ball at a Bidoof. After successfully catching the Normal-type, the Hisui starter Oshawott is rewarded 25 experience points.

This seemingly confirms that Legends Arceus will bring back catch XP. While the concept of gaining points for catching Pokemon is not groundbreaking, it had not been confirmed for the 2022 game up to this point.

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It is also largely an unconvential entry in the Game Freak franchise. Unlike most Generation titles, Legends will not have Gym Leaders or a regional champion to face off against. The main goal of the story is to create Sinnoh’s Dex from scratch.

Although Trainers will not need to level up their characters for a Pokemon League, they will need their team to be strong in order to take on wild, Alpha, and the incredibly strong Noble Pokemon. It appears catching characters will be a quick way to bulk up.

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