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Crown Tundra trailer leaked, third Pokemon Sword Shield DLC to follow?

Published: 16/Sep/2020 15:21 Updated: 16/Sep/2020 15:39

by Paul Cot


Trainers are eagerly anticipating news about the next Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, The Crown Tundra. While nothing official has been revealed, it looks like a new trailer for the expansion has been leaked.

The location of the trailer is somewhat strange as it appeared on the “Nintendo South Africa Distributor” YouTube account. It is an account run by Core Gaming System which are the official distributor of Nintendo products in South Africa.

The trailer itself doesn’t show anything we weren’t expecting to feature in the icy region. Instead, it seemingly recaps all the exciting additions that have been previously teased.


The 30-second long trailer can be watched below.

It features the likes of Calyrex, a new Legendary ‘mon from the Crown Tundra, and a short clip of temples where you can find the Regi Pokemon. It also shows the Crown Tundra is more than just snow and ice, with various different habitats.

This is in addition to the influx of new Pokemon. The Galar region may not have the National Pokedex available, at least just yet, but it is certainly getting closer.

Release date

The trailer finishes by indicating the Crown Tundra DLC will release in Autumn 2020. However, this is something we already knew.


A September release date is becoming increasingly unlikely, so October and November seem the most likely months we can expect it to drop. However, there are rumors it could release on October 23.

A third Sword Shield DLC?

We shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves given the Crown Tundra release date hasn’t even been revealed yet. Even so, the rumor mill is constantly running in the world of Pokemon.

Trainers are already discussing what we can expect in 2021 and beyond. Alongside a brand new game (at least we’d hope) there are rumors of a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC.

In the meantime though, trainers will have plenty to do when the Crown Tundra DLC does release.