Most expensive Charizard cards in Pokemon TCG

Flying-type Pokemon CharizardThe Pokemon Company

There are a number of highly expensive Pokemon TCG Charizard cards on the market, but which ones are the most valuable? Let’s find out.

One of the most iconic Pokemon of all time is the Kanto region’s Charizard. With that considered, it shouldn’t be much of a shock that there are several TCG Charizard cards that sell for a lot of cash.

Charizard has received plenty of love in the TCG, but there are a few rare variations of this creature that stand out from a collector’s standpoint.

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Here’s a look at 10 of the most expensive Charizard cards in the Pokemon TCG so far based on their market value.

The 10 most expensive Charizard cards in the Pokemon TCG

10. Dark Charizard from Team Rocket

Dark Charizard from Team RocketThe Pokemon Company

We’ll start with a classic from the beginnings of the Pokemon TCG. Dark Charizard from Team Rocket dropped in 2000 and the Holo Rare of this card is one that goes for a fair amount of money. As per card marketplace TCGPlayer, the market price for this card sits at about $443. Although, we should note that like a lot of cards on this list, you could find a well-used version at a lower price.

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9. Charizard from Plasma Storm

Charizard from Plasma StormThe Pokemon Company

A Secret Rare Charizard from Plasma Storm ranks at #9. This version comes with a Scorching Fire attack and a hefty price tag. Expect to pay almost $500 for this alternate version of the iconic Pokemon.

8. Charizard from 2003 National Championships

Charizard from National ChampionshipsThe Pokemon Company

We move on to a promo card from the National Championships set. This Pokemon TCG Charizard, if given a high grade, can go for four digits. However, ungraded versions of this Charizard should sit at around $500 if in good condition.

7. Charizard from FireRed & LeafGreen

Charizard from FireRed and LeafGreenThe Pokemon Company

The Ultra Rare version of Charizard from the FireRed & LeafGreen set is next up on this list. A powerful monster with Slash and Burn Down, this Charizard’s listed market price is about $625.

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6. Charizard from SWSH: Sword & Shield

Charizard from SWSH: Sword and ShieldThe Pokemon Company

One of the newer cards on this list is the Prerelease Promo Charizard from SWSH: Sword and Shield. Damaged holofoils of this card only go for a couple of hundred bucks, but near mints of this card are currently being listed for over $1,750.

5. Charizard from XY Evolutions Prerelease

Charizard from XY EvolutionsThe Pokemon Company

The Charizard from XY Evolutions is next up on this list. This card is a spitting image of the Charizard from the original Base Set, a card that also goes for an impressive sum and can sell for an incredible amount if in mint condition. Expect to pay around $649.99 for this on the market, per TCGPlayer.

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4. Blaine’s Charizard from Pokemon Gym Challenge

Blaine's CharizardThe Pokemon Company

Another classic that’s on this list is Blaine’s Charizard from Pokemon Gym Challenge. This is a curious card, and not because of its relationship to the legendary Fire-type Gym Leader from Cinnabar Island. Some early prints of this card have several misprints, which include a lowercase ‘e’ in energy and an incorrect use of the Fight-type image in the Roaring Flames description.

3. Charizard from Pokemon Skyridge

Charizard from Pokemon SkyridgeThe Pokemon Company

Next up is the Charizard from Pokemon Skyridge. No matter where one goes, whether it be eBay, COMC, or TCGPlayer, this card routinely sells in excess of $600 — and that only goes for damaged editions of this card. The market price for this card is about $1,200, but ones in good condition can easily exceed that price.

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2. Charizard Star from Pokemon Dragon Frontiers

Charizard from Dragon FrontiersThe Pokemon Company

At #2 on our list is a Dark version of Charizard from Dragon Frontiers. TCGPlayer notes that since this card is both Shiny and a Delta Species, Dragon Frontiers Charizard is “exceedingly rare in Pokemon lore.” Those in the market for a Charizard Delta Species that’s in moderate condition can expect to pay anywhere from $1,200-$1,750.

1. Shining Charizard from Pokemon Neo Destiny

Shining CharizardThe Pokemon Company

The most expensive card on this list is Shining Charizard from Pokemon Neo Destiny. It’s a Secret Rare that can bring in a lot of bread if it’s in good condition. We should note that TCG players can’t have more than one of this card in a deck, but at a market price of $2,550, we don’t think that will be an issue.

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What is the most expensive Charizard ever sold?

base set shadowless charizard pokemon card

We can’t forget about the “OG” Charizard from the original Pokemon base set. If we were talk about the Charizard card with the highest possible earning value — if in mint or near mint condition — it’s the first edition from the Base Set. In 2022, a Shadowless Holo of Charizard with a PSA grade of 10, a grade only handed out 122 times to Charizards, sold for a record-breaking $420,000 at auction.

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