Moistcr1tikal highlights 3 big issues with Pokemon Legends Arceus

. 5 months ago
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Pokemon Legends Arceus launched to widespread critical acclaim but Twitch streamer Moistc1tikal believes the latest iteration could be better within the context of modern gaming. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus launched on the Nintendo Switch on January 28, after months of immense hype. The new game was hailed as “the best Pokemon game in years” by Dexerto, but the open-world adventure hasn’t managed to capture the hearts of everyone.

Now, Twitch streamer Moistcr1tikal has spoken out about “very obvious” elements of the game that are subject to scrutiny.

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Pokemon Legends Acreus gives players an expansive open world to explore.

Moistcr1tikal says Arceus graphics are on par with “Gamecube”

During his January 29 stream, Moistcr1tikal addressed the success of Pokemon Legends Arceus, saying that the title has “objectively subpar” issues given the “2022 timeframe” it released within. Initially focusing on the fidelity of the game Moist said: “Graphically it is on par with Gamecube.”

Moist added that “Gale of Darkness looks almost to this level, not quite as good and that game came out in 2008.”

Pokemon Legends Arceus boasts a huge open world for the Nintendo Switch’s hardware, but Moist feels its lacking life. “The world is also extremely empty. The world is bland,” he said. “Every single environment is the same copy and paste environment from the first zone. It doesn’t change, it doesn’t evolve.”

“There’s plenty of real complaints and pushing those aside is not valid just because you like, it does make you a shill,” Moist concluded.

These certainly problems aren’t hindering the game’s already record-breaking sales. UK retailer Currys claims that “Pokémon Legends: Arceus on the Nintendo Switch is officially the most pre-ordered game EVER in Currys’ history.”

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