Everything we know about Miraidon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Violet Legendary

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Miraidon, the Legendary mascot for Pokemon Violet, is a mechanical dragon-type that uses modern-day means to take on different forms. Here’s everything we know about this Legendary.

In classic Pokemon fashion, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet each has its own version exclusive Legendaries. Koraidon is reserved for Scarlet, and Miraidon will join trainers who choose Violet.

Miraidon, the sleek purple dragon with jet engines for legs, is an undeniable high-tech powerhouse. While it has no known line of evolutions, it can take on several different forms to help trainers cruise around Paldea in style.

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Less organic than its counterpart Koraidon, this Legendary dragon has energy coursing through its body. Its metallic features transform to take on the appearance of a cyberpunk motorbike.

miraidon pokedex entry

Type of Pokemon

Some players base which version of a new Pokemon game they buy off of the exclusive Legendary’s design and typing. Luckily, both Legendaries have a pretty solid dual type.

Miraidon is a Dragon-type and an Electric-type Legendary Pokemon.

Miraidon forms

Miraidon, like most Legendaries, does not evolve.

However, it does have various forms that players can switch between to traverse the Paldea region:

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  • Normal Form: Walking on all fours, Miraidon tucks its energy-riddled chest and tail inside its metallic body
  • Drive Mode: Transforming into a motorcycle, it turns its chest and tails into energized wheels
  • Aquatic Mode: It uses its wheels and jet engines to propel itself through the water
  • Glide Mode: Spreading its antenna to resemble a paraglider allows players to drive off cliffs out of harm’s way

We will continue to update this article as Game Freak provides more information or when the games are released.

Choosing whether to pick up a copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet can be difficult, but hopefully, this information about Miraidon makes your decision easier. Make sure to check out our overview of Koraidon if you haven’t already and the differences between the two games.