Logan Paul to auction 700+ 1st edition Pokemon Cards on Whatnot

logan paul pokemon card auction

Following the great Pokemon Trading Card craze of 2021, Logan Paul will be auctioning off over 700 1st edition cards from his personal collection. 

Last year, Logan Paul was one of the main creators who spearheaded the craze for buying and opening vintage Pokemon cards. From spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a booster box to millions of dollars on a single card, Paul experienced it all.

This also meant he faced some of the worst incidents a card collector can experience. This included spending millions of dollars on fake cards and going to the hospital after rage-punching a window.

Now, it’s been a few months since Logan Paul’s last Pokemon card acquisition, granted his last purchase was a crisp $5 million. But he will be getting some of that money back come Sunday when he hosts a live auction on Whatnot.

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Logan Paul holding Charizard Pokemon cards screenshot.YouTube: Logan Paul
The YouTuber started his Pokemon Card collection in 2020.

Logan Paul’s 1st edition Pokemon card auction

According to a representative from Whatnot, the community marketplace geared toward collectors, Logan Paul will be hosting a Pokemon card Auction on Sunday, July 3.

The event is called “Stars, Stripes, and Slabs: Logan Paul’s Holiday Weekend Pokemon Slab Sale” and will feature over 700 of Paul’s personal 1st edition graded cards. The items for sale are valued at over $200k according to the Whatnot rep.

Paul will be hosting the live auction via a stream on his Whatnot account. The auction starts at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT. To participate, you must apply to become a Whatnot Verified Buyer via the app.

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logan-paul-pokemon-box-break-1Logan Paul (YouTube)
Logan Paul has purchased several boxes of base set Pokemon cards

Logan Paul has stated that collecting Pokemon cards is a passion of his. In addition to his $5 million Pikachu Illustrator card, he has other incredibly valuable cards like his diamond-crusted Base Set Charizard.

If you want to own a piece of Logan’s Pokemon legacy, or just want to get a favorite 1st edition card, make sure to tune into his live auction this Sunday.