Logan Paul reveals his Pokemon card addiction has “gotten out of hand”

. 3 months ago
Logan Paul staring at his Pokemon Card collection screenshot.
Instagram: Logan Paul

Logan Paul showed off his insane Pokemon Trading Card Game collection. The YouTuber revealed that his TCG addiction has gotten so out of control that he is going to need to sell some of it.

In 2020, Logan Paul surprised fans when he revealed he had invested “millions” of dollars into Pokemon cards. The YouTuber’s endorsement of the Nintendo collectibles lit a fire under the hobby and caused prices to skyrocket.

Since then, the 26-year-old has not been shy about his love of the TCG, even wearing a diamond-encrusted Charizard to his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. In a March 2022 update, however, the IMPAULSIVE star has now admitted that his Pokemon card collection has got out of control.

Logan Paul holding Charizard Pokemon cards screenshot.
YouTube: Logan Paul
The YouTuber started his Pokemon Card collection in 2020.

Logan Paul shows off Pokemon card collection two years in the making

After years of building up his Pokemon TCG collectibles, Logan Paul finally gave viewers a peek at just how massive his collection had become in a March 20 post on Twitter.

“I have way too many Pokemon cards,” he tweeted out. The influencer then uploaded a picture of some of his most expensive cards laid out across his bed in stacked piles.

He addressed his obsession with the Nintendo hobby further in a series of Instagram Stories. In one clip, Paul claimed that his obsession with Pokemon cards had gotten out of hand.

“I was looking through my Pokemon card collection and I didn’t realize how obsessed I got with this hobby – and I bought a lot of them. I have a suitcase right there full of them too,” he said. “To be honest, I have to move some of these. I got to sell some.”

The YouTuber uploaded a second video to his Instagram that showed a camera panning around his entire collection.

It’s unclear if Logan Paul plans on publicly auctioning off some of his Pokemon cards or if he is mainly going to offload them to private buyers in the community. Whichever route he goes, he is likely to make insane profits given that he bought most of the items before the market bubble was formed.

While it’s impossible to know how much his entire collection is worth, it’s easily in the millions based on the videos he’s uploaded. The IMPAULSIVE host owns several 1st Edition Charizards alone which have sold for as high as $369,000. Perhaps the YouTuber will get creative and host his own auction livestream.

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