Leonhart freaks out after pulling vintage $30,000 Charizard Pokemon card

. 4 months ago
YouTuber Leonhart next to rare Crystal Charizard Pokemon Card TCG screenshot.
YouTube: Leonhart

YouTuber Leonhart was stunned after pulling a rare Charizard Pokemon card worth $30,000. The TCG collector got the vintage collectible after scoring another Charizard worth $15,000 in the same opening. 

Originally released in 2003, the Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion Skyridge was the last set published by Wizards of the Coast. Due to the hobby’s waning popularity at the time, it’s one of the most under-printed products of the TCG, making them insanely rare.

The Pokemon community was floored when YouTuber Lee ‘Leonhart‘ Steinfeld not only managed to get his hands on the highly coveted Pokemon card packs, but also pulled the expansion’s rarest collectible Crystal Charizard worth thousands of dollars.

Pokemon YouTuber Leonhart celebrates pulling rare Charizard card screenshot.
YouTube: Leonhart
The YouTuber was floored after pulling rare the Crystal Charizard Pokemon card worth thousands.

YouTuber loses it after pulling rare Charizard card worth $30k

For his February upload, the YouTuber decided to open up vintage Pokemon cards packs from his collection. He was stunned, however, when he managed to pull a holographic Charizard worth $15,000 from the 2002 Expedition set.

“WE PULLED Charizard! OH MY GOSH. Guys, I can’t believe it!” the TCG collector screamed in excitement. Little did he know, the YouTuber’s luck was just getting started as he managed to pull an even rarer card just a few minutes later.

Leonhart absolutely lost it when his Skyridge pack had a Crystal Holo Charizard inside, worth up to $30,000 in value. “WE HAVE DONE IT! WE HAVE PULLED A CRYSTAL CHARIZARD! I have dreamed about this moment,” he yelled in pure shock.

(Crystal Charizard card pull at 19:38)

The Pokemon card fan revealed that the rare Skyridge Charizard was the last of the Kanto starter that he needed. “This was the final Charizard that I’ve wanted to pull,” he said. Emotional, Steinfeld then added, “This is one of the best Pokemon card openings in the entire history of my channel.”

Given that the collector was able to score two of the rarest collectibles worth thousands, it will certainly go down in history as one of the most insane TCG openings ever recorded online.

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