Legendary Zarude brings new move to Pokemon Sword & Shield

by Brent Koepp
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company


With the release of Sword & Shield's new Legendary Pokemon Zarude, the series is getting a new Grass-type move. Here is everything we know about the unique healing power.

Pokemon entered its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield in November 2019. The latest title in the long-running Nintendo franchise introduced players to new features like the Wild Area and Max Raids.

To celebrate the upcoming theatrical film 'Coco' which hits theaters in Japan in July, the RPG is getting the Legendary monster Zarude. With its addition also comes a brand new move for the series that every Trainer will want to have.


Legendary Zarude's new unique move revealed

On February 27, Zarude was announced to be the new Mythical Pokemon coming to Sword & Shield. However, while players were initially given a basic profile of the character, Game Freak revealed on April 9 that it also has an exclusive move.

The new Grass-type power is called Jungle Healing and in order to obtain it, Trainers will have to get their Zarude up to level 90. The developer updated their website where they provided players with a full breakdown.

"The Pokemon wraps its vines around trees and absorbs their energy, then releases that energy combined with its own. Healing power radiates around the area and heals both the user and its ally Pokemon, restoring their HP and curing them of any status conditions," it reads.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Game Freak detailed the Legendary's new healing move on their website.


While the site states Jungle Healing is a "unique move only Zarude can learn," interestingly, there's a note at the bottom that reads that it might be possible for other Pokemon to learn it in the future.

"Note: Only Zarude can learn Jungle Healing. However, it is possible other Pokémon may be able to learn this move in future games," it says.

From the sounds of it, the new Mythical monster will be perfect for Double Battles. Its new Grass-type move, which heals multiple characters, could get Trainers out of a pinch while taking on the Battle Tower.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Despite being labeled as "exclusive," other Pokemon might be able to learn the move in the future.


While Game Freak continues to trickle out new information about the new Legendary, unfortunately there hasn't been an official release date in the West for the monkey Pokemon at the time of writing.

Given that past Mythicals were given out with QR codes or contests, we can only speculate that it will be tied to the release of Pokemon the Movie: Coco, which stars the Grass-type.