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Is there a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC being kept under wraps?

Published: 29/Aug/2020 15:13

by Paul Cot


The Crown Tundra DLC is the next big release for the Pokemon Company. We don’t know what’s coming after that, but it is rumored there could still yet to be a third expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The January 9 Pokemon Direct revealed the brand new Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Since then the Isle of Armor has been released and we’re now waiting for the second announced DLC: The Crown Tundra.

There has been no official word on its release date yet. However, a leak has surfaced revealing when we can expect it to drop among other fascinating details about what’s in store.

Fans of the franchise are already looking beyond this, though. There are rumors, even whispers, of more content coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield in late 2020 or beyond.

Kalos Region Map
Pokemon Fandom
Kalos is curiously based on France and therefore situated to the south of the UK.

All aboard the train to Kalos

One of these is in the form of a third DLC. It will be interesting to see what direction the powers that be head in with a third instalment but there are a lot of loose ends surrounding the Kalos region.

After all, the stars seemed to align for a return to the Pokemon X and Y region in the build up to Sword and Shield. Could Game Freak be keeping this in their back pockets?

In a now deleted tweet, @Pualitics shared the following:

A return to Kalos would be huge – both in terms of fan reaction and the size of the region. This is one reason why it may not come in a DLC.

Instead, a return to Kalos could warrant a brand new game entirely. Sequels to Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon Sun/Moon came immediately after each of these releases.

Then again, when the initial Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass was announced, we were told purchasing would include the first two DLCs. Was this because only two were planned or there was always something bigger waiting – a la Kalos?

We likely won’t hear anything until after the release of the Crown Tundra but in the meantime it is fun to speculate.


Togetic is finally the Research Breakthrough Pokemon Go trainers deserve

Published: 30/Oct/2020 12:31 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 12:37

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go November Research Breakthrough is finally one trainers can be excited about. Togetic is one reward that shouldn’t be missed!

The Happiness Pokemon will feature from Sunday, November 1, 1pm PDT until Tuesday, December 1, 1pm PDT. As usual, you’ll need to get seven Field Research stamps in order to earn an encounter with it.

Togetic is undoubtedly a huge upgrade on recent Pokemon that have featured. Some of those have included Shedinja, Scraggy, and Trapinch which, with respect to them, pales in comparison to the use that the Togetic line has in Pokemon Go.

Togetic Pokemon Go
Togetic is the Research Breakthrough reward, but trainers will be after the ultra-powerful Togekiss…

Togekiss – a must-have Pokemon

While Togetic is a popular Pokemon, it is Togekiss that trainers will be striving for. The Jubilee Pokemon is one of the most effective ‘mons in the mobile game.

It even made our top 5 list for most overpowered species in Pokemon Go! That is evidence in itself it is well worth getting.

The dual fairy and flying-type is a nightmare for bug, dragon, fighting, and ground-type Pokemon. It is a frequent pick in GO Battle League for this reason as there are a lot of strong dragon-type Pokemon that are also used.

In addition to being considered the best fairy-type ‘mon in Pokemon Go, it is also one of the very best choices to have in the GBL Master League category. Outside of Dialga and Giratina, it is one of the most important species to have in the entire game.

Not a Legendary but not far off it

Niantic made a very noticeable change to Research Breakthrough rewards in 2020 – they would no longer be Legendary Pokemon. We are now approaching our 11th Research Breakthrough encounter of 2020 and on the whole, they have been disappointing.

The removal of Legendary ‘mons was mostly met with displeasure. It was always going to take trainers a while to accept the big change.

Over time, however, the change has seemingly been accepted, with the majority of trainers understanding why it was needed. We have discussed at length why removing legends from the Research Breakthrough pool was the right decision.

That doesn’t mean what they were replaced with was right, though. Players went from getting those research stamps without fail to totally ignoring them. Going from the likes of Groudon to Woobat was always going to have this effect.

So, we were left with featured Pokemon that frankly few cared about. This resolved the issue of Legendary Pokemon becoming too common, but also made Research Breakthrough encounters essentially meaningless.

This, of course, isn’t something Niantic wanted. Their long-term strategy with the feature is unknown, but we have discussed various ways in which they could make Research Breakthrough rewards exciting again.

Togetic comes as a welcome surprise for November. It’s such a good Pokemon that next month will struggle to live up to it. We suggest trying to have seven stamps ready to go when November hits so you’re able to get five of them!