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Is Pokemon Legends: Arceus delayed? Rumor claims early 2022 release may change

Published: 21/Apr/2021 17:50

by Brent Koepp


A new rumor claims that Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ release date could be shifted around from its early 2022 release window. Could another major Nintendo title delay the wildly anticipated Game Freak open-world RPG?

When Game Freak finally unveiled Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl back in February 2021, fans were floored after the Japanese developer also revealed a second game – Pokemon Legends: Arceus – and that it would be coming out in early 2022.

The new title developed by Game Freak takes place at the beginnings of the Sinnoh region and is the series’ first jump into an open-world design. However, a new rumor claims that its release date may be competing with another Nintendo property. But is it true?


Screenshot of Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Will Pokemon Legends be delayed?

Is Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ release date delayed?

Outside of a short gameplay trailer, there is still a lot we don’t know about Pokemon Legends: Arceus. After its surprise announcement during the series’ 25th Anniversary Presents conference, Game Freak simply stated that fans could expect the game to hit stores sometime in “early 2022.” Now, a new rumor claims that the date could be shifted.

Leaks account ‘CentroLeaks’ first tweeted the rumor on April 21 which originated from popular outlet KeliosFr. “Pokemon BDSP date is already set. Pokemon Legends date is still undefined, but should be defined later this year,” they wrote.

The account then clarified that the reason for Legends’ debut date still not being set was possibly due to Nintendo having another major title that could be competing with it around the same release window.


CentroLeaks Pokemon Legends: Arceus tweet

The update came from Kelios after a fan asked if Legends’ release window was being determined by another Nintendo title releasing around the same time. “Yeah, Nintendo certainly planned to release a big game early 2022, I’m wondering what it is,” the French outlet teased.

KeliosFR on Pokemon Legends: Arceus release date

So while the rumor doesn’t technically state that Pokemon Legends has been delayed, it does allege that its release date is not yet set and could be changed, depending on another Nintendo title. This led many to speculate that it could be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, which wouldn’t be too far-fetched given that the sequel has a similar open-world design and still does not have a release date.


“I can’t see the 2nd big game NOT being Zelda. It’s clear BOW won’t be ready for holiday 2021. Switch Pro launch with Legends and BOTW2? What a punch,” one fan posted in reaction to the new rumor.

Pokemon fan speculates about Zelda release date and Legends: Arceus

Of course, it goes without saying to take this with a major grain of salt. While KeliosFR has a long track-record of being correct, it is still not an announcement officially from The Pokemon Company. Not to mention plans change all the time in development.

Plus Pokemon Legends: Arceus never had a release date technically. However, it is interesting that Game Freak stated an “early 2022” release window and yet the date can be shifted. What is new here is the idea that another major title could be the factor that ultimately decides when it comes out.