Is a new Pokemon game coming in 2021? Job listings spark speculation

Screenshot of someone holding Nintendo Switch playing Pokemon.Nintendo / The Pokemon Company

A flurry of new job listings by The Pokemon Company has fueled speculation that a new game might be coming in 2021. Could it be a mainline RPG from Game Freak?

Having originally released in 1996, the Pokemon franchise is gearing up to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021. The anticipation has never been higher as fans wonder when a new game will drop.

A new set of job listings has kicked the rumor mill into overdrive that Game Freak could be almost done with a new RPG. Could a new title be dropping sooner than expected?

Promotion for Pokemon 25th anniversary.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The 25th anniversary of the series is happening in 2021.

Is Pokemon getting a new game in 2021?

In December, eagle-eyed fans spotted new job listings from The Pokemon Company. The short-term contracts are for 12 months, and are specifically for localization for Japanese to English. A game’s translation is usually a sign that development is wrapping up so whatever the project is must be far along.

While the type of job listings are fairly common, its led some to believe it a new game, simply by the logic that a remake or remaster of an older title would already have been mostly localized. The Japanese company also posted a listing for localization of marketing materials.

Interestingly, TPC has a history of posting job openings similar to these right before a title is announced. The last one being the 2018 surprise games Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee.

Screenshot of Pokemon Platinum wallpaper.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Could fans finally get a Diamond & Pearl Remake in 2021?

Pokemon leak accounts claim it’s a remake

Not everyone is convinced that it will be a new title. Popular French outlet PokeKalos posted in November that there would be a remake next November instead. “You’re going to have your remake next November, stop complaining,” a rough translation of the tweet read. KeliosFR has previously leaked Nintendo Direct info correctly in the past.

French Pokemon outlet tweet.Twitter: @KeliosFR
One leaker claims it’s a remake.

In December, the ‘Centro Pokemon Leaks’ account stated their sources lined up with Kelios, and believed a mainline game would also be released in 2021. “We don’t know if the main series game is releasing in November, but we trust Kelios a lot.”

Pokemon Leak account Tweet.Twitter: @CentroLeaks
Another leaker backed them up.

Given that 2021 is the Pokemon series’ 25th anniversary, it seems a given that we will get a new release in some form. The timing also makes sense. However, it’s unclear whether it will be a new game or a remaster of a classic such as Diamond & Pearl – which many fans desperately want.

What also throws everything up in the air is the potential for another Let’s Go RPG. Of course, take everything with a grain of salt – a job listing does not guarantee we will get a new main release in 2021, although clearly TPC are far along on a project.