Interactive Sword & Shield map makes finding Wild Area Pokemon a breeze

by Brent Koepp


A creative Sword & Shield player has made an interactive map for the Wild Area, and the incredibly helpful creation will make finding Pokemon easier than it's ever been.

Pokemon Sword & Shield made its debut in November 2019, ushering the popular Nintendo property into its eighth generation. The RPG introduced players to new mechanics from Max-Raids to the Wild Area.

The open area section allows trainers to explore the Galar region and capture new Pokemon around every corner. Now a talented player has made navigating it much easier with an interactive map.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Gen VIII title introduced players to the Wild Area.


Pokemon player creates interactive Wild Area map

Reddit user 'preethamrn' shared his helpful tool with the r/Pokemon forum on February 1st. The creative fan showed how they outlined the Wild Area into various sections with a list of each Pokemon that inhabits each point when hovering your cursor over it.

Using a gif, they demonstrated how the interactive layout also includes a search bar. By putting in a specific monster's name, the maps hides the rest of the points and only shows the sections where they reside.

You can even highlight multiple characters at the same time for those with a list of remaining things needed to finish their Pokedex.


Preethamrm opened up about creating the map on Reddit, and explained their motivation for making the helpful tool. "Before I made this, finding Pokemon was a pain since most websites didn't have a map or made it hard to search for Pokemon. This puts all of that in one place," they said.

The user also opened up about how they're going to improve it, as well as future plans with the DLC releasing in 2020. "A few things improvements that I plan on making are adding searching for the berries in each tree and eventually adding the new wild areas from the DLC when those are out. Have fun raiding!"

Reddit: preethamrn
The map creator outlined their plans for future improvements.

For those that want to check it out for themselves, the creator posted a link to the site which you can check out here. While it's still a work in progress, it's sure to make finding Pokemon in the Wild Area infinitely easier.


Upon its November 2019 release, Sword & Shield became the fastest selling Switch game to date. The popular RPG moved an astonishing six million units in its opening weekend alone, and has continued to crush in sales.

Players will continue to explore the Galar region as the latest Pokemon title was announced to be getting a DLC expansion pass starting in June with the The Isle of Armor.