Insane Pokemon Go spawns highlight game’s most frustrating issue

Pokemon Go Spawn Points

A surge of complaints from Pokemon Go players have focused on the game’s outdated spawn mechanics, and images of insane cluster spawns prove their points.

Pokemon Go hasn’t updated its spawning mechanics much since its launch in 2016. And since then, Niantic has added numerous ways to spawn Pokemon and added hundreds of species.

There have also been hundreds of thousands of Pokestops and gyms added to the map over the last six years, adding even more locations for Pokemon to spawn. But the way in which Pokemon Go spawns in Pokemon is still as frustrating as it was on day one.

Now, more and more players are reporting these outdated spawn mechanics as a major issue. From missing out on Legendaries to being unable to tap the correct Pokemon, players are begging Niantic to make some serious changes.

Pokemon Go spawns cause insane cluster

Reddit user MeowMix_YT posted a screenshot from their game to the r/pokemongo subreddit with the caption “would you count this as a pokemon cluster?” The image showed three piles of pokemon with only a few discernable features jutting out.

Veteran trainers were quick to express their disdain for these cluster spawns as they know the frustration involved in clearing out each Pokemon. One user stated, “It’s sad, one could be a shiny and no one would know.”

Others pointed out that the Rocket Stop in the image would make sorting through the Pokemon even harder as the Team Rocket Grunt would continually interrupt the player with an offer to battle.

However, the comments weren’t all negative. One trainer claimed that their in-law had a similar spawn situation next to their house. They wrote, “She started playing in March and is already level 42 with more than double the catches that I have thanks to the nonstop spawns she gets.”

Some users attempted to explain the phenomenon. They claimed that locations containing high-level Ingress players – Niantic’s other augmented reality mobile game – are subject to these cluster spawns.

While players don’t know for sure what causes these enormous globs of Pokemon to spawn, they do know that Niantic needs to fix the broader issue of how monsters spawn in general.