Injured Pokemon Go player gets baffling speed notification in-game

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A Pokemon Go player went viral after receiving a speed warning in-game – only to reveal they have an injury that prevents them from moving at all.

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games of all time, and with such a massive player base comes a huge responsibility.

Developer Niantic has implemented safety measures within the mobile version of Pokemon to keep users safe from danger, one of the most notable being a warning to stop playing if a player is driving.

During a recent play session, a Pokemon Go fan got this warning which was hilariously timed as the user revealed that they weren’t in fact driving at all.

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Pokemon Go was released back in 2016.

Pokemon Go player shows off injury after speed warning

User KarylLena posted to the Pokemon Go subreddit that they got the “You’re going too fast!” warning, as the game believed Karyl was driving while playing.

However, Lena added a picture of their entire left leg in a brace, making it impossible for them to be driving.

How the game thought they were driving is a mystery, but it ended up helping them go viral instantly as the post shot to the top of the Pokemon GO subreddit in just one day after being posted.

Users in the comment section were stunned by the second photo. One said, “I don’t know what I expected for the second picture, but it wasn’t that. Hope you recover quickly!”

Other trainers claimed they’ve also gotten this notification while they weren’t driving, “I sometimes get this warning when I wake up and open Pokemon Go before even getting out of bed.”

While KarylLena revealed the injury is a broken leg, they said it won’t be long before they make a full recovery and can actually move fast.